The Balen Trust: promoting Natural Health Choices and Well-Being

 The Balen Trust has been set up as a charitable initiative, with the aim of supporting the Health and Well-Being sector.   

 The objects of the Balen Trust are: 

(a) The encouragement of wellbeing, the relief and prevention of sickness and the preservation of health for the public benefit by the promotion of complementary, natural and alternative medicine, or other positive lifestyle and well being disciplines in particular but not exclusively through;

(i)  supporting the work of organisations in this field

(ii) promoting education learning and partnership in the health arena


(b) Supporting other charitable or voluntary organisations at the trustee's discretion.

 David Balen explains,

"At a time when non-evidence based approaches to Health and Self-care are being undermined by corporate science organisations and politically or ideologically driven lobbying groups, I wanted to lend more support to the main sector we are in. Non-medical approaches to healthcare and lifestyle have helped me personally and Balens, as an organisation, has benefited over the years from servicing this sector.

We, also wanted a much wider remit than this, to help projects concerned with the wellbeing of society whether spiritual, ecological, emotional or physical, and also for initiatives or appeals that may arise in our local or national community. We hope over time, that our Trust may help in its own way to fund many worthy causes."

 In May 2013 the Trustees awarded their first four grants to

Yes to Life

Kids Company

Heads Up

The Peace Pathway 

Full details of these worthy organisations can be found below

 The Balen Trust will consider applications for grants, partnership proposals and research projects. The grant allocation group will include a Balens employee as a sign of our continuing desire to involve and engage our employees, recognising that many of them already contribute in their communities and inspiring others to follow their example.

 Grants have been awarded by the Balen Trust to the following organisations:

 Yes to Life : Yes to Life's mission is to help make integrative medicine available to everyone with cancer in the UK and to change culture and attitude so that focus is on the person and not the cancer.  They note

 "We are the only UK charity directly supporting people who wish to combine the best of both orthodox and Complementary and Alternative Medicine ('CAM)  and we do this through our helpline, direct funding and through education and awareness. It is increasingly difficult to obtain balanced information for people who wish to take an integrative journey and the grant from the Balen Trust will enable us to extend our awareness and education programme across the UK building on the success of our recent series of seminars on "Lifestyle and Cancer".  We look forward to building a long term association with the Trust and would like to thank them for their support in this hugely beneficial programme."   www.yestolife.org.uk


 Kids Company :  Kids Company have said 

"We are so grateful the Balen Trust will be supporting Kids Company as part of your aims to promote health and wellbeing. A vital component of our work at Kidsco is the provision of therapy sessions for our children, young people and their carers. Our dedicated therapy house, the Heart Yard near Brixton in South London, supports some of the most vulnerable and traumatised children we work with so that they can overcome the challenges they have faced and lead positive, fulfilling lives. We offer specialised psychiatric care, psychotherapy, counselling, dance, movement, play and art therapies, as well as a range of complementary health treatments including acupuncture, reflexology, massage, yoga, reiki, theta healing, EFT and beauty therapies. We plan to put our donation towards an education programme for the therapy house staff, aiming to enhance our communication with clients, therapeutic skills, abilities to run creative group workshops and team build."    www.kidsco.org.uk


Heads Up:  Heads Up say about themselves that the organisation "was formed, a little over a year ago, when Rethink lost funding for mental health day services from Somerset County Council.  We have taken over the premises of another charity that was on the point of folding. We have a fully equipped carpentry workshop, a pottery - complete with kiln, and an IT suite and we are running courses in all these plus walking groups, carers groups, social groups etc. We have retained some of the original client base but most of our clients are now referred from the local mental health teams plus carers and a small group of early onset dementia patients.  We try not to turn anyone away. We believe strongly in the power of alternative approaches and therapies for our clients. We have converted a room for treatments and own one, fairly inadequate, couch, one sheet and a few oils (all the towels in use are brought in by volunteers).  The room is also used by a Reiki practitioner one day a week. Our long term plan is to get other therapists involved."


The Peace Pathway : The Peace Pathway project has already proven to be one of the most inspirational multicultural projects in Central London.  Over the last 5 years people from different traditions have come together for concerts, walks, fundraising meals and other events. Schools are joining in, using the World Peace Flame Peace Education Pack, as well as local youth and community development projects. The pathway is already uniting people.  It is becoming a focus for helping young people who are wishing to free themselves and others from gang culture. They are offering to donate their labour to the project and will be joining us on fundraising events.   http://www.weekofprayerforworldpeace.com/peace_pathway.html


ICT Support for UK's only Buddhist School

Balens and the Balen Trust are delighted to have jointly sponsored the purchase of new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources for the Dharma Primary School, in Brighton.  This new ICT equipment, which includes the purchase of 18 Chrome Books and an iPad, will be used by pupils in ICT lessons, both in the Early Years and across the school.

The Balen Trust was approached with a request for funding of this project, however as the expected costs were larger than the funding allocation, it was agreed by the Balens Management to meet the shortfall and fund the project jointly between both the business and the Trust.

The Dharma Primary School, in Brighton, is the only primary school (and Nursery) in the UK to offer an education based on Buddhist values.   They note,  "We are an independent school open to children aged 3-11 from all religious faiths and cultural backgrounds, providing a quality academic education combined with Buddhist teachings to support the development of mindfulness, compassion and communal responsibility.  Buddhism is not taught as a faith, but as a set of principles and tools for living a productive and fulfilling life."

The school was registered with the Charities Commission in 1992 and in order to enable a broad section of the community to access the school the board make a conscious decision to keep the fees at an affordable level.  For further details please visit:  www.dharmaschool.co.uk




Balens Trust has recently awarded a grant of £1,400 to Penny Brohn Cancer Care. This cause is completely worthy of our recognition and we are proud to support them in their bid to helping people live well with the impact of cancer.

Penny Brohn Said:

"The Balen Trust has generously supported Penny Brohn Cancer Care with a grant of £1,400, funding their Yoga services. This will help people to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Yoga, as they face the many challenges of a cancer... diagnosis. Penny Brohn's life changing cancer care is available free of charge to anyone affected by cancer. The charity depends on the generosity of valued donors like The Balen Trust and are very grateful for their support."


 The Balen Family Health and Well-Being Trust: Company registration number 08292084