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Balens Fourth CPD Conference

Monday 23rd May 2016

10.00 am ~ 5.00 pm

NEC, Birmingham

The CPD 2016 lectures will be available to view online soon

Balens 4th CPD Training Event was held at the NEC Birmingham on Monday 23rd May 2016. The event was held in the purpose built Conference Suite on the Mezzanine floor above Hall 6, therefore avoiding some of the noise issues we have had in previous years. 

Previous News:

We have nearly finished finalising the program for the event. We are trying to organise for Anthony Rees from the Natural Health Alliance, whom David Balen met whilst in South Africa, to attend. Anthony has much to say on what is happening at an international level with regards to legislation for Natural Health, and the impacts that this will have for us in the UK. We are very much hoping that he will be able to attend, and details of the final program will be posted as soon as they are available. Please see the updated download to the right for details of current program of speakers who include Seamus Connolly talking on Complementary and Sustainable Healthcare in the UK and Europe: who can secure its future? and Professor David Peters who will be discussing what might complementary therapies’ role be in a future bio-psych-social system of care? In his talk Beyond Peak Medicine.


2015 Lectures included:

  • What patients expect from us and how this fits with Primary Care? (Professor George Lewith, University of Southampton)
  • The Therapeutic Relationship - including research into its benefits (Professor David Peters, Westminster University)
  • Measuring Outcomes – Current research in CAM (Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown MD, Warwick Medical School )
  • Where are we now? – Update on current research (Professor Paul Dieppe, Exeter University)
  • What else can we do? - Including further input on current situation with regards to CAM and Primary Care (Robert Verkerk PhD, Alliance for Natural Health International)
  • Auditing CAM Practice - Issues & Outcomes (Peter Davis PhD, Westminster University )

Recordings of lectures from our 2015 training event are available here

2013 Lectures included:

  • Empirical Science or Vitalism? - An investigation into randomized control trials to establish the effectiveness of Natural Medicine (Professor Paul Dieppe, Exeter University)
  • Online marketing & social media (Ian Lickorish, ID Marketing)
  • The Law and your Practice (Paul Grant, BSG Solicitors and Carly Dwyer DAS Group)
  • An update on where Healthcare is going (Professor David Peters, University of Westminster)

Recordings of lectures from our 2013 training event are available here 

For Details of our 2013 speakers, please click here

2012 Lectures included:

  • Where is Healthcare Going? (Professor David Peters, University of Westminster)
  • Your Vision, Your Message - Marketing and the Advertising Standards Agency (Ian Lickorish, ID Marketing)
  • Negotiating the Boundaries - Managing difficult situations with your clients (Tsafi Lederman & Jenny Stacey)
  • Your Business, Your Future (David Balen, Balens Ltd)
  • The 8 C's that will help you avoid Complaints (Paul Grant, BSG Solicitors)
  • Decision Making (Lawrance Butler)

Recordings of lectures from our 2012 Training event can be found here

To see comments from Clients who attended our 2012 event, please click here

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events@balens.co.uk or Telephone: 01684 898995

Balens 2012 and 2013 CPD Events were sponsored by Balens Ltd., Zurich, DAS Legal Expenses, Sterling Insurance and Ansvar Insurance.


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