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Balens 7th CPD Conference

Resilience in Healthcare ~ coping with clients with chronic or life limiting conditions

Monday 20th May 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham

The Focus of our CPD Event this year is on Resilience in Healthcare. Helping your clients who may be suffering from life limiting conditions, and also looking after you as a therapist. We have some truly inspirational speakers, including:

Dr Catherine Zollman – Medical Director at Penny Brohn UK (formerly Bristol Cancer Help Centre), talking on Realistic Hope - Finding a resilient response in the face of chronic or life-limiting illness

Dr David Peters - Professor Emeritus, Westminster Centre for Resilience – Discussing Resilience and the Healthcare Juggling Act

Plus Julie Stone on the role of humour in difficult situations, Robert Verkerk PhD with a model for assessing whole system health, and David Balen with Robert Verkerk giving an update on our Hawthorn Big Data Research project.

Please see programme for full event details

As previously our CPD event is supported by Balens and our Insurance partners

Event Sponsors:

Balens Ltd, Zurich Insurance plc, DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd, Ansvar Insurance, Covéa Insurance plc

*Recordings of lectures from previous years can be found via the links below.

2018 Lectures Included:

  • From Passive Healthcare to Proactive Health Creation (Dr. Rosy Daniel)
  • The Hard Science of Self - Healing (Jeremy Howick)
  • Marketing, Mindset & Momentum (Jill Woods)
  • GDPR (Alice Lacey)
  • The Role of Natural Health in your Community (Robert Verkerk)
  • Q&A Session

2017 Lectures Included:

  • Developing Your Professional Practice (Jayney Goddard & Marcus DeSilva)
  • Warwick Holistic Health Questionnaire (Nicola Brough)
  • Social Media in healthcare…Friend or Foe? (Cassie Deighton)
  • Legal Update (Paul Grant)
  • A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body (Jo Marchant)
  • Building Healthcare Networks in your Local Community(Robert Verkerk)
  • Q&A Session

Recordings of lectures from our 2017 training event are available here

2016 Lectures included:

  • The Alphabet Soup of Complementary Medicine (Barry Tanner)
  • Learning from Claims and Legal Update (Hannah Volpe)
  • Alternative medicines (Robert Verterk)
  • Update on Research into Healing (Paul Dieppe)
  • Complementary and Sustainable Healthcare in the UK and Europe (Seamus Connelly)
  • Beyond Peak Medicine (David Peters)
  • Q&A session

Recordings of lectures from our 2016 training event are available here

2015 Lectures included:

  • What patients expect from us and how this fits with Primary Care? (Professor George Lewith, University of Southampton)
  • The Therapeutic Relationship - including research into its benefits (Professor David Peters, Westminster University)
  • Measuring Outcomes – Current research in CAM (Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown MD, Warwick Medical School )
  • Where are we now? – Update on current research (Professor Paul Dieppe, Exeter University)
  • What else can we do? - Including further input on current situation with regards to CAM and Primary Care (Robert Verkerk PhD, Alliance for Natural Health International)
  • Auditing CAM Practice - Issues & Outcomes (Peter Davis PhD, Westminster University )

Recordings of lectures from our 2015 training event are available here

2013 Lectures included:

  • Empirical Science or Vitalism? - An investigation into randomized control trials to establish the effectiveness of Natural Medicine (Professor Paul Dieppe, Exeter University)
  • Online marketing & social media (Ian Lickorish, ID Marketing)
  • The Law and your Practice (Paul Grant, BSG Solicitors and Carly Dwyer DAS Group)
  • An update on where Healthcare is going (Professor David Peters, University of Westminster)

Recordings of lectures from our 2013 training event are available here

For Details of our 2013 speakers, please click here

2012 Lectures included:

  • Where is Healthcare Going? (Professor David Peters, University of Westminster)
  • Your Vision, Your Message - Marketing and the Advertising Standards Agency (Ian Lickorish, ID Marketing)
  • Negotiating the Boundaries - Managing difficult situations with your clients (Tsafi Lederman & Jenny Stacey)
  • Your Business, Your Future (David Balen, Balens Ltd)
  • The 8 C's that will help you avoid Complaints (Paul Grant, BSG Solicitors)
  • Decision Making (Lawrance Butler)

Recordings of lectures from our 2012 Training event can be found here

To see comments from Clients who attended our 2012 event, please click here

For more information please contact:
events@balens.co.uk or Telephone: 1684 898995

Balens 2012 and 2013 CPD Events were sponsored by Balens Ltd., Zurich, DAS Legal Expenses, Sterling Insurance and Ansvar Insurance.


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