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A warm welcome from David Balen, Joe Balen, Josh Balen and all the staff here at Balens.

Balens are extremely pleased to be working alongside Myofascial Release Foundation in offering their Graduates discounted rates on insurance products with extremely comprehensive cover. 

Balens were founded in 1950 and are an ethical 4th Generation Family Brokerage with 60 staff and 80,000 plus clients. Nearly all of our business is dedicated to Health and Well-being Professionals and businesses including many not for Profit Organisations and Charities. We have been looking after Health Professionals for over 21 years and have designed a Hybrid policy that we believe is one of the most comprehensive on the market including important features that some other policies may not include. We believe that Insurance is based upon good quality relationships, good communication, trust and information that is clear, fair and not misleading. Our ethos, philosophy and founding principles are uncoloured by financial motives or political agendas and we try to be impartial at all times. Client support and service are the cornerstones of who we are and what we do. 

How much does the policy cost?

The indemnity limit is £4,000,000 per claim with an unlimited number of claims in the year and unlimited defence costs are covered in addition and there is no excess.

UK Member premium is £51.01 for a year and includes the legal and taxation package along with many other therapies/activities subject to suitable qualifications held.

We do not charge for routine changes, adding standard activities through the year or replacement schedules.

Please contact Balens if you are resident in the Republic of Ireland or Europe.

How do I take out this policy?

There are 3 options:-

Option 1

Click on the download button "Myofascial Release" form at the top right of this page and then print, complete and return the brief form to Balens making cheques payable to Balens Ltd or to pay by card, please write details on a separate sheet. If you do not want to post card details, send your form to us and request that we call you to take these details over the phone. Please note that we will not need to see copies of qualifications for any therapies that you qualified in through Myofascial Release Foundation for but if you want cover for other therapies/activities then please send a copy of your qualification.

Option 2

Click the get quote button above on the right and you will be able to sign up on line SECURELY using a Debit/Credit card only. Your certificate of insurance and policy documents will then be e-mailed to you by return after completion. Graduates only-if you are a student please return the form with payment.

Option 3

Call: 01684 580771 and request a copy of the Myofascial Release Foundation Insurance scheme form for you to complete an return if you are unable to print a copy from this site.


What does the Professional, Public and Products Liability policy cover?

  • The underwriter for this element of the policy is Zurich Insurance plc. (Zurich)

  • The Insurance Cover is £4,000,000 or £6,000,000 (limit of liability) per section any one claim, for an unlimited number of claims in the year, plus unlimited legal defence costs are covered in addition. There is no excess

  • Wide definition of insurance cover is clear and is not restricted to treatment only. This cover includes Medical Malpractice, Professional, Public and Products Liability (claims in this section do not reduce the amount covered for other sections of the policy as is normally the case in other policies). Products Liability is provided for unlimited sales to clients and for up to £30,000 of retail sales (sales to non-clients)

  • This policy is on a Claims Occurring Basis, but with a unique difference. If you do not renew for any reason with Balens, we automatically include Run-off cover for an unlimited period of time, meaning that if a claim was to be made years down the line after stopping your policy, you will always be covered for work you did within the insured period. Further information about this is available on our website www.balens.co.uk. This is a major improvement on what is often available through other insurers

  • We include an upgrade of cover feature on the Zurich Policy that protects you against the effects of inflation, and rising court awards. This cover is a pioneering hybrid offering the advantages of a claims occurrence policy with features normally only found on a claims made policy, but with none of the disadvantages, particularly around the issue of discontinuing cover and possibly being uninsured later on if a claim is discovered. Many wordings give conditional “unlimited” or time restricted run off cover if you cease the policy at any time

  • Teaching and Student Work cover (running a school can be covered separately)

  • Includes Libel and Slander cover

  • All premiums include full malpractice retroactive cover for previously insured work performed

  • Loss of Reputation expenses to help repair damage to your business in the event of a claim against you

  • Breach of Intellectual Property, Client Confidentiality Protection cover

  • Temporary Trips abroad are covered without a time limit (Please refer to the full policy wording for the conditions applicable)

  • Loss of Documents cover included £50,000

  • First Aid cover as well as Good Samaritan Acts

  • Includes Disciplinary Hearings cover, plus Pre disciplinary hearing legal advice up to £1000

  • Students can be covered for all work prior to qualification, subject to adequate supervision and safeguards

  • A wide range of activities can be insured, as well as non-treatment related work and advice - our definition of a “Health Professional “ or “Health Business” and the types of situations covered is extremely wide

  • Flexible underwriting to accommodate changes in your practice, fast turnaround of documents and queries.

  • No additional charges for routine changes to cover or duplicate certificates.

  • For full terms and conditions of cover please refer to the policy wording.

Also included is a separate Legal Protection Package underwritten by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited (DAS) which covers Criminal Defence and other costs up to £100,000.

Regretfully, the climate of litigation is still deteriorating. Claims, incidents and criminal allegations, including allegations of sexual impropriety or assault are, in our experience, on the increase. The cover includes the following features:

  • Wide range of free 24 hour Advice lines, including Legal/Tax Advice, Counselling, and business support services are included. Corporates entities with employees require a different policy

  • Jury or Witness Service Compensation for lost income as a result of having to attend

  • Defence of your legal rights involving Criminal Proceedings as well as Data Protection and other legislation cover, wrongful arrest, actions against you for unlawful discrimination etc.

  • Negotiation and Representation (including accountant’s fees) in the event of an Inland Revenue partial or full enquiry. Some accountants have been known to charge over £90 for this.

  • Business Assistance Helpline for emergencies involving your premises

  • Disciplinary Hearings Defence and Legal Expenses if you lose your Statutory Licence to practise.