We are frequently asked about the meaning and symbols in our logo, as many are attracted by it.  The logo stems from an inspirational  idea that David Balen had in the late 1980's to develop an intermediary organisation that not only provided insurance but acted as a bridge between the conventional and non-conventional approaches in life, whether they be types of medicine and health practice or modes of thought.  


The Tree of Life signifies fruitfulness and creativity, with the Serpents around the tree a symbol for the Therapeutic Arts from ancient times.  The Japanese style of bridge, as noted above represents the bridging that Balens offers between the conventional and non-conventional, and strides the symbol for the earth, representing a grounded and holistic approach.  The winged heart, that the whole symbol is rooted in, represents the need for compassion, care and understanding in the world, which the best professionals in any sphere should demonstrate.   


The Tree depicted is also a fine metaphor for the relationships Balens enjoys with our affinity groups, individual and other clients.  Very often we have a shared history going back many years with a relationship that has developed and put down very strong and deep roots, through mutual trust and the regular delivery of service and advice, during both the easy and the difficult times