Maintaining service

All customer service staff that can do so are working from home, accessing our operational systems remotely. We’ve maintained telephone support but capacity here is more limited, and with fewer staff available we may not always achieve our usual speed and service levels.

As a result of this:

  • Where possible we are issuing renewals and all other documentation by email only. We trust those who prefer postal renewals will accept email in the circumstances.
  • There may be periods within our normal business hours with limited or no telephone service. You will be able to request a call-back during these times.

Help us to help you - practical steps that will make a big difference

We'd greatly welcome your support on these key matters:

  • Where possible, please contact us by email, not telephone. Addresses are:
  • Make renewal and other premium payments by BACS transfer. Your documents give an important BACS payment reference and instructions.
  • If you can't use BACS then use our automated telephone renewal service, again your documents will explain how. Avoid cheque payment unless you have no other way.
  • Check your inbox regularly, including spam folders, for Balens emails, particularly when approaching your renewal date. If you've changed your Email address recently let us know.
  • Use our online services as highlighted in your documents.
  • Follow our website 'News' link for updates and how our services may change as the situation develops.
  • Check our Insurance Q&A section in the first instance to try to answer cover related questions. We will update this frequently.

We will do our best, and above all we really appreciate you being patient and kind with our staff, thank you.