CAM and Primary Care

Latest research into the effectiveness and benefits of CAM and how that can fit with Primary Care in the UK today

The current quality of the CPD event videos is not to the high standard we wished to present them at. This is due to technical difficulties, however we expect to be able to provide full HD quality films within the next week.



 Welcome & Introduction - Why this conference with David Balen




What patients expect from us and how this fits with Primary Care

Professor George Lewith


The Therapeutic Relationship - including research into its benefits

Professor David Peters


Measuring Outcomes – Current research in CAM

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown MD


Where are we now? Update on current research

Professor Paul Dieppe


What else can we do? - Including further input on current situation with regards to CAM and Primary Care

Robert Verkerk PhD


Auditing CAM Practice - Issues & Outcomes

Peter Davis PhD