2013 Speakers Details

Professor Paul Dieppe


Paul Dieppe

Paul qualified as a medical doctor in the early 1970's, where he practiced for many years, developing an interest and specialism in rheumatology.   He moved his focus to the more academic fields of research in the early 1990's, holding a number of Professorship positions within the fields of Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences.  Paul is currently Professor of Health and Wellbeing, PCMD, University of Exeter, and Honorary Professor at two other University establishments. 

 Paul's main research interests include the clinical features and management of osteoarthritis, the placebo effect, complex interventions, healing and caring.  In 2006 he took a three month sabbatical to study Ayruvedic medicine in India, and is currently studying a part-time PhD in Healing.  He is co-author of 12 books and has been involved in over 450 publications in peer review journals. 


Professor David Peters

David Peters

David trained as a doctor and GP, but also as a homoeopathic and later an osteopathic practitioner and musculoskeletal physician.  From 1990 until 2005 he directed the complementary therapies development programme at Marylebone Health Centre (MHC).  This Central London NHS primary care unit was set up in 1986 to develop new approaches to inner city healthcare.  One of the founding faculty of the University of Westminster's School of Integrated Health, David is Professor of Integrated Healthcare and its Clinical Director. He chaired the Advisory Group of the Prince of Wales' Foundation for Integrated Health and was a trustee of the Foundation until 2006. 

David is a co-author or editor of five books about integrated healthcare:The Encyclopedia of Complementary Medicine,The Complete Guide to integrated Medicine,Understanding the Placebo Response in Complementary MedicineandIntegrating Complementary Therapies: a practical workbook for Primary Care.  David is Editor in Chief of the fifth bookNew Medicine,a comprehensive attempt by a group of international authorities to explore the potential for conventional, psychological and complementary approaches to work together appropriately. 


David Balen


David is an insurance adviser, broker and independent financial adviser.  He is also the Managing Director of Balens, the largest independent insurance Brokerage for Natural Medicine and other Health Professionals in the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

He lectures on a variety of subjects and writes articles for journals regularly, has been involved in the Natural Health movement for over 30 years, and has connections with many different health professional organisations.  David runs CPD days, is involved in a healing group and is Trustee of two healing and education charities and the British Holistic Medical Association.  He was on the steering committee for a National Research Body for Osteopathy.  Originally a professional musician and Yoga Teacher in 1960s early 1970s, he still finds time to play music concerts and compose semi-professionally. 

Although the subjects he covers are complex and can sometimes be regarded as heavyweight and boring, David brings clarity, interest and humour.


Ian Lickorish

Ian Lickorish

The Creative Director of ID Marketing, Ian has been working as a Marketing Consultant for nearly 10 years, supplying affordable services to small and medium sized businesses, which lack the in-house expertise to provide a strategic marketing plan.

A Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ian regularly consults for Business Link, the Manufacturing Advisory Service and BERR (formerly DTi) where he brings his inimitable style to bear in order to help individuals and companies alike gain a wider understanding of the impact of this vital business skill, including the importance of presentation and demystifying new media and social networking marketing options. 

Paul Grant

Paul Grant

Paul is the Senior Litigation Partner in the niche firm of BSG Solicitors LLP.  Paul has a Masters degree in Medical Ethics (Keele) and a Law Degree (Landon).  He is a non-practising registered Osteopath as well as being a Deputy District Judge and Associate Arbitrator. 

 Paul works closely with Balens giving legal advice to their many clients/associations either directly or through solicitors in his team or Barristers, some of whom will be giving lectures during the course of this seminar.  He personally represents on many occasions dentists, dental technicians, doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors and many complementary/alternative therapists before their respective regulatory bodies to include the GOsC, GCC, HPC, GDC and GMC.  He lectures from time to time on medical law and ethics.