Affinities Client – Individual Professional Liability Insurance

The package policy provided by Balens, includes Commercial Legal Protection Insurance as well as Professional Liability, Public and Products Liability.  The legal expenses insurance policy provides access to useful helplines services alongside its core covers, which can provide much needed support for you and your business.  The helpline services include access to advice on any legal issue that may affect your business plus access to tax and/or counselling support.  Please refer to your policy documents for contact numbers.

Commercial Clients

If cover is in force, the Commercial Legal Expenses policy provides access to useful online guides, such as the employment manual (allowing you to keep up to date with rapidly changing law regarding employment) plus useful helpline services. Such services provide advice on legal, tax and/or counselling issues.  The policy also has core sections of cover that you may find useful at this present moment, including employment disputes and contract disputes.

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance is not included automatically as part of your insurance portfolio.  You would have had to have chosen this additional cover as part of your portfolio, whilst selecting policies to meet your insurance demands and needs. Please refer your policy documents for clarity on whether this cover is in force.  If you are unsure as to whether you have a Commercial Legal Protection policy in force or not, or would like to add this policy to your portfolio of cover, please contact ComBus@balens.co.uk and  a member of the team will be more than willing to assist.