Annual Staff Training Event

Balens will be closed this coming Friday, 14th December, for our annual staff training event and Christmas meal.  The aim of the event as in previous years, is to develop key skills for individual staff members that they can utilise both within their business and personal lives, increase team bonding with specific team events, develop a greater understanding of different therapies and practices that Balens covers, and give an opportunity to members of different areas of the business to interact with those whom they do not normally associate with.  It also allows an opportunity for us to all celebrate together at this festive time of year with a Christmas buffet lunch.   


Online and Telephone Renewals 

Our IT department will also be taking the opportunity of testing our systems with regards to disaster scenarios such as fire, flood and complete power failure on Friday 14th December. 

This testing is important to ensure that should the unfortunately ever occur, we, as your Insurance Brokers, are able to recover quickly and efficiently, ensuring the minimum of disruption to you, our clients.  Unfortunately, in order to allow for our systems to be fully tested, our online renewals website, and our automated renewal phone system will be unavailable between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm on Friday 14th December. 

We apologies for any inconvenience that the above may cause.