We are pleased to confirm that, coinciding with David Balen’s 70th birthday on 21 September, David took on a new role of Executive Chairman of the group and his sons, Joe and Josh Balen, have been promoted to joint Managing Directors.

Balens have long championed the cause for health and wellbeing, with David an active campaigner, lobbyist and trainer for the sector.  David’s new role enables him to dedicate more time and effort in his advocacy for the Natural Health and wellbeing movement in general, and for his campaigning activities and the development of the Hawthorn Health research and community Initiative in particular. if you are unfamiliar with Hawthorn you can find some background on our website at http://www.balens.co.uk/news/the-hawthorn-collaboration-2018.aspx

As Executive Chair, David will remain deeply involved in the future strategy, corporate governance and financial management of the business, keeping all aligned to the ethical stance always taken by Balens.  He will also act as an ambassador for Balens, networking and delivering talks as and when required and involved at various conferences and of course will still chair the annual Balens CPD event at the NEC.

As joint MDs, Joe and Josh will take full responsibility for all aspects of operational performance, including customer service, relationships with professional associations and insurers, compliance, business processes, systems development, HR matters and accounting.  They will lead the development and growth of the business in our chosen target markets in the UK, Eire, the Netherlands and across Southern Europe.  Joe and Josh will be ably assisted by Balens long-standing Services’ Director (and Chartered Accountant), Pat Bernard, and the appointment of Eugenio Grandi as a non-Executive Director.  Eugenio is a business consultant and trainer who has a lifetime of experience successfully  serving many large and well known international corporations.  His appointment is a natural outcome of the number of years he has worked closely with us.

Balens will continue to evolve with a strengthened team and structure as an independent, 4th generation family run, specialist insurance broker, dedicated to service the needs of health, and wellbeing organisations and individuals, and the not for profit sector.