With a new lockdown for England proposed for Thursday 5th November, and lockdowns already in place in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and other locations, clients have asked us for the position with regards to their Professional Liability Insurance.  From our perspective, the situation remains the same, in that Insurers currently have not put in any requirements regarding Covid-19.   However, there is a general requirement that excludes Criminal and Malicious Acts.  As such, insurance may be invalidated if individuals fail to follow specific Governmental guidelines and the laws that are in place within their own specific location at any time.

With local and National lockdowns moving in and out of effect at little notice, it is for individual clients to be aware of what the requirements are within their own location, and to seek the guidance from Governmental sources which will have the most up to date information available.

There are many of our clients who will be able to continue to trade, for example with online sessions, and our Teams are continuing to primarily work from home, and where necessary within our offices, to support you, our valued clients, through this time.  Please see our website for details of how best to contact us, and answers to further Covid related questions:  https://www.balens.co.uk/Covid