The Hawthorn Natural Health Initiative (HNHI) is a community of like-minded organisations and individuals, with the principal aim to help promote paradigm change in the way health care is thought about and delivered.  It aims to achieve a universal consultation with cross modality, big data analysis, research projects and lobbying.

Conceived by David Balen and seed funded by Balens Ltd. the HNHI is supported by a number of academics and key individuals within the field of Health and Wellbeing. The HNHI hopes to promote the field of Health and Well-being initially through:

  • Research - including Client & Practitioner Research
  • PR and Networking – through a Website and Association links

Within the last 12 months, much has been achieved towards this aim. David (Balen) has been working with Robert Verkerk and Meleni Aldridge of the Alliance for Natural Health International and a renowned international research institute TNO, to develop a comprehensive questionnaire and health monitoring system for clients of Health and Well-being Professionals. This will be delivered via an App (name GoHawthron) and should have the ability to generate big number data which we hope will provide credible information that is hard to ignore. In addition, we have sent out a questionnaire for Therapists to complete, which has given us a comprehensive snapshots of the sector and valuable information about the reality for Therapists working in the UK today.

We are working on the Hawthorn Natural Health Initiative website, which will have networking opportunities together with information on the wider Health and Well-being sector together with the GoHawthorn app and will let you know when both are available. We also welcome input in all areas, especially peer reviewed articles for sharing on the website.

The GoHawthorn app will be available for your members, associates and individual professionals to offer to their clients, allowing them to give feedback on their own wellbeing. 

Exciting times ahead...