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Balens and the Balen Trust are delighted to have jointly sponsored the purchase of new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources for the Dharma Primary School, in Brighton.  This new ICT equipment, which includes the purchase of 18 Chrome Books and an iPad, will be used by pupils in ICT lessons, both in the Early Years and across the school.

The Balen Trust was approached with a request for funding of this project, however as the expected costs were larger than the funding allocation, it was agreed by the Balens Management to meet the shortfall and fund the project jointly between both the business and the Trust.

The Dharma Primary School, in Brighton, is the only primary school (and Nursery) in the UK to offer an education based on Buddhist values.   They note,  "We are an independent school open to children aged 3-11 from all religious faiths and cultural backgrounds, providing a quality academic education combined with Buddhist teachings to support the development of mindfulness, compassion and communal responsibility.  Buddhism is not taught as a faith, but as a set of principles and tools for living a productive and fulfilling life."

The school was registered with the Charities Commission in 1992 and in order to enable a broad section of the community to access the school the board make a conscious decision to keep the fees at an affordable level.  For further details please visit:  www.dharmaschool.co.uk