Professional Liability Insurance – Chairman’s statement – 14th August 2020

As major Brokers for the Health and Wellbeing sector we are still hearing stories of confusion or inaccurate interpretations of our cover position in the Covid Crisis. It is simply this...

Therapists must follow all Government Guidelines applicable to their specific location at any given point in time - as the very minimum that they do - and additionally we would expect them to follow all Professional Association advice and guidance that as a member they may receive, even if this exceeds minimum Government requirements.

If you choose not to follow your Professional Association guidance, you must fully document your decisions explaining your reasons, as in the event of a claim, choosing not to follow what may be considered current best practice for your particular discipline, or causing harm by not following guidance, possibly may be called into question and weaken your defence. For those without a Professional Association, we would expect you to exercise due diligence over and above Government requirements, if you feel that this will produce a safer environment for your clients.

Please remember that you have a common law duty to exercise due care and not to deliberately cause harm. Please also be mindful that your insurance may be invalidated if you fail to follow UK Government Guidance and the Law, as all Malpractice Insurance Policies normally exclude Criminal Acts.

Fuller details and Covid updates are regularly posted on Balens website to reflect this ever-changing environment https://www.balens.co.uk/Covid

As at 14th August, all Close Contact Services, including those that work within High Risk Zones, may return to work from 15th August 2020.

Work in High Risk Zones requires additional Health and Safety measures. Please see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/close-contact-services