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In the Health sector, Balens look after the needs of a substantial number of schools of many types. We have schemes specifically for schools, their students and graduates, as well as the Associations that receive them and / or validate their courses. 

In General Education, we have facilities catering for the more specialised requirements of a school or college, including Private Schools and Academies, which can be tailored according to individual requirements, as no two organisations are the same.  We do not offer one in-house scheme only, but find the right insurer  for each category of risk from a range of specialists.

General Education Establishments

For Schools, Colleges and Academies we devise portfolios of cover with a range of reputable insurers

  • Full range of usual commercial covers available
  • Risk Management Advice provided
  • In some instances free Building Valuations can be provided by Insurer
  • Engineering inspections, Governors and Trustees Liabilities
  • Employment Disputes, Tribunal Awards, Criminal Defence and Abuse covers
  • Small Fleet, Minibus covers
  • Specialist Liabilities including higher liability limits if needed
  • Managing Director is a Trustee of an Educational Charity and College
  • We can provide workshops, lectures for students to teach them the basics of money management and avoidance of debt, and de-mystify the world of financial advice
  • We provide routine visits as often or seldom as you would like

Schools in the Professional Health and Well Being Sector

Where training is given and a student certified to be competent at end of the course, claims may arise from what goes on in the classroom, the supervision process and also if the graduate has cause to claim about problems that the information they were taught has caused to their practice or a patient. The Balens wording is designed for this and mirrors many of the covers we provide Qualified Health Professionals

  • Can include workshop courses giving certificate of attendance only policies cover the named policyholder only unless otherwise stated (insurable interest), so that you are covered for activities of the student for which you could be held legally liable.  It won't cover the student if they are personally sued.
  • Students need to get individual cover for case studies performed. 
  • Schemes can be designed for schools to provide this
  • We have a special scheme for irrecoverable loss of deposits if the student can't get to the course due to accident illness, etc.  The Insurance is taken out at the time of booking the course.
  • Could need a Contents/Building package for your equipment stock and premises, Liabilities, Money etc

 Affinity Group formed by School 

As well as Professional Associations, Training Schools and their Students or graduates can form an Affinity Scheme, and we have many schemes for such situations. 

  • Self Interest Groups tend to form around individuals, types of therapy or technique, and often want to incorporate an insurance scheme for students and graduates, sometimes including the cost of the insurance in the course fees for case study work etc.
  • By collective strength and peer support they will usually end up arranging insurance.
  • They may want a block scheme for members to do case studies, and/or to cover them once qualified (need 20+ members in year one for this)

Directors and Officers (D & O) 

Where a charity or a Business have directors/trustees, they can be held legally liable personally for their actions by law. These policies will defend them against an allegation.

Typical allegations would be failure to adequately look after the finances (breach of fiduciary duty) taking negligent decisions which adversely affect the organisation.

  • Professional Services or Advice 
  • Allegations of fraud or misconduct. 

 Commercial Legal Expenses 

A School or Association can incur expenses and be vulnerable under the law of the land, and contract law.  This is where they enter into an agreement with someone else and are then legally bound by that contract. This is distinct from the law of negligence.  PI policies don't cover defence of issues like the following:

  • Criminal allegations,
  • Inland Revenue Investigations,
  • Contract Disputes,
  • Employment tribunals

These also cover Help and advice lines on legal or tax issues. We normally include these packages in our Malpractice Cover.

 Employment Practices Liability - EPL 

A recent addition, this replaces the need for Employment tribunal cover such as you would get in a Commercial Legal Expenses Policy.

Examples of typical claims situations, and a good explanation leaflet available upon request 

EPL covers Employment Practices, so if there is a dispute or industrial tribunal they will pay for the legal help and awards. 

  • Commercial Legal Policies also do this but require the client to follow strict ACAS guidelines and procedures, and this is not always possible.