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Balens have, for many years, provided all types of Income Protection policies and more information is available on request.

In addition to Accident and Illness policies, there are other schemes including 'Permanent Health Insurance' (which pays until retirement)  and would be offered to you by Balens Financial, our Independent Financial Adviser firm, because it is a complex Financial Services product, requiring more explanation and research.

There are 3 main Types of Personal Accident and Sickness cover:

Personal Accident (PA) Lump Sum disablement Cover

£25,000 cover for only £11 per year. Covers a wide range of disablement conditions. We extend the usual cover for loss of limbs, eyes and total disablement to include a very detailed scale of benefits including loss of use of joints, digits, sense and faculties. Cover is for permanent loss and does not cover weekly income benefits. This is normally available as an add-on to our malpractice range of covers on a scheme basis.

Personal Accident (Income Protection) 

Low cost protection for weekly benefits in event of temporary partial or total inability to do your normal occupation for up to 2 years.

Sickness Cover (Income Protection) 

Extends the Personal Accident section to include Total Temporary Disablement due to Illness up to 2 years.