I have had professional insurance with Balens for the last 15 years and in that time there have been several instances when I've had to seek their advice. They have always been unfailingly efficient and very helpful. Recently I was required to serve on a Jury and after a swiftly answered call to Joe Balen discovered, to my surprise, my policy covered me for loss of earnings while I was on jury service. On several occasions the Ethics Committee of our professional association, CABP, has telephoned their legal helpline to clarify certain situations that have arisen and that is a very useful resource for us to have access to. I have stayed with Balens all these years because I feel they have insight into dilemmas that psychotherapists come up against in their practice. If ever a complaint is made against me, I would feel confident in their sensitivity and support.

Dianne Chipperfield-Integrative Body Psychotherapist (2011)

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