I am taking a much needed break after many years of practice so will not be renewing my policy this year. Balens has served my needs as a psychotherapist with a perfect balance of efficiency, warmth, and a clear and comprehensive policy that I cannot fault for the years I have been with you. The cost is very reasonable for such comprehensive cover, and, whilst this is an important factor, it is the consistent quality of service that I value;  a service that I can trust. I remember meeting David Balen at a conference/workshop with Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers, ...must have been at the beginning of the 80's.... Remember me to him.  love and very best wishes to you all. I send you a heartfelt thanks for the excellent service you have afforded me in my professional career. You are a business with heart! ...something that would transform the world if it caught on!

Jeremy Price-Psychotherapist-April 2012

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