Having worked successfully with Balens for more than a decade I can honestly say that they are extremely good at what they do. Perhaps unsurprisingly they have arranged appropriate bespoke insurance cover for Pilates teachers, which is well designed, flexible, effective and good value. What sets them apart is the way they have delivered this essential service. From the outset David Balen was generous with his time and experience, offering advice and support to teachers wanting to apply a high standard of professionalism to their work. He made sure he understood the scope of their practice and what they needed, enabling him to provide not only suitable insurance cover, but also the advice and support to back it up. However, Balens are not a one man team, they may have grown, but have always maintained a high level of personal service. Joe Balen has been extremely helpful monitoring the the detail of the cover provided and suggesting possible alterations. The new website has made it simpler to renew a policy and access some of the supporting information, adding to the reassurance of having someone at the end of the phone to answer questions and offer advice. On numerous occasions I have been able to benefit from the the expertise available and look forward to many more years of excellent friendly service.


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