PIB are a great fit for Balens as they have similar ethics and an ethos which resonates with our own. Our name, brand, personnel and speciality will carry on as before, with the added investment and support of PIB. 

Balens has been serving our clients since 1950 and specialising in the Health, Wellbeing, Fitness & Beauty industries tirelessly for over 30 years during which time our pioneering work, and theirs, has been inextricably intertwined and grown together. Our aim is to continue this for many years to come, and we therefore believe joining PIB is the right decision to ensure future security for our staff, our clients, and our business, providing ongoing sustainability and growth.  

David Balen will continue as Chairman and both Joe and Josh remain as Managing Directors, so there will be no break in continuity from our clients point of view.  Balens will remain a family run brokerage, continuing to do what we do best, with the significant benefits of joining a larger group.   

PIB are a dynamic growing Group, both within the UK and EU, we believe that this collaboration and investment in systems and people will enable us to offer better products and an enhanced service to our clients, associations, and other business partners. This will support our long-term development both in the UK and in the EU through Balens Europe B.V.  

You can see the press release here

We received regulatory approval from the FCA, and AFM in the Netherlands and formally became part of the PIB Group in October 2022.  We are now integrating, growing and developing with our new colleagues.

To our valued clients, associations, and other business partners we would like to say thank you all for your loyalty, hard work, and dedication to our sector.

We look forward to being of service to our clients for many years to come. Your continued support of Balens means the world to us!  

David, Joe and Josh Balen