Our Tree symbol was envisioned by David in the late 1980s to represent and be a signpost for transforming the business from a general commercial brokerage into something closer to his heart and life interests. We started to use the Bridge symbol when we relaunched the business and took it in a new specialist direction in the late 80s early 90s resulting in a complete change of clientele, Insurer relationships and focus.

David believes that Insurance is about trust; quality relationships and good communication, and that those roots are essential to nourish the tree of our (or any) enterprise. Our vision and purpose has always been to nurture these against a backdrop of ethical, service-related endeavour.

The Bridge

The Bridge symbol was conceived as a metaphor for linking and connecting different aspects of society and thought.  Examples of this would be: the conventional with the unconventional modes of thought and culture; conventional medical approaches with more natural approaches; linking the world of Insurance and legal contracts with those desiring financial protection from the potential vicissitudes of life; the world of business with those who have little experience of it.

Our logo also contains the following elements:

The Caduceus

A double helix of snakes, and ancient symbol for Hermes, the messenger god, depicting our role as communicator between our clients. Ancient Indian Yogic Philosophy posited these dual electrical currents polar opposites (Yang and Yin as it were) flowing up and down our spines and helping to raise consciousness to higher levels.

There are also correspondences with the symbol of Asclepius, the Greek God of Healing and Medicine.

The Tree of Life

The main focus of our symbol, is a strong world tree, with deep long established roots representing so many years of the growth of our reputation and brand, watered and fed by our client relationships and insurers.  Our ground has formed over time based on innumerable communications and actions, learning and growing all the while.  We are all living on planet Earth, and Balens is rooted in ethical practice and professionalism.  The mature fruits are the fruits of our collective labours.

The World

Our business has become more International over the years in response to client demand.

The Winged Heart

Our business is underpinned by a love for what we do, caring for our clients, our staff and nurturing our business.

Above all David sees us as an information bridge and guide for our clients. We achieve this through many spheres, from daily education when we talk to and guide clients, to our annual CPD Conferences, our various talks at events on risk management, and practice development, and the regular updates we provide via our website and social media outlets.