Balens Ltd are a specialist insurance brokerage that principally focuses on bespoke, insurance package schemes for Health, Well-Being, Fitness and Beauty Professionals and their businesses. We work alongside Individuals, Businesses, Organisations, Not-for-Profit Groups and also Insurance Brokers, Intermediaries and Insurers.

You can access all of our packages here.

However, there is more to Balens than just offering insurance schemes. We pride ourselves on being an Independent Broker that has long standing knowledge of the Insurance market and which products and options are available to our clients. Did you know that the role of an Insurance Broker is to ask the right questions, find the right cover with the most suitable insurer and for the right cost?  We know about identifying risk exposures, determining what needs insuring and how to insure it. Here at Balens we pride ourselves on achieving the above and then, supporting you through any claims scenario that may arise.

Our prime objective is to help our customers and / or sub-brokers to find the most effective insurance protection available to them. We aim to develop long lasting relationships. We like to consider ourselves as a guiding hand in the complex world of insurance. We are impartial and do what is in our clients' / sub-brokers' best interests. In order to do this, we have established good working relationships with a range of respected and secure Insurers. We take the time to educate and train our staff. They therefore, have the knowledge and experience to place cover directly with Insurers or use another Intermediary, if necessary.

Balens Broking Services

We can provide a range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Professional advice when needed.
  • The ability to arrange customised insurance portfolios to suit your needs.
  • Risk Management guidance and support.
  • Provision of clear, detailed information and documentation.
  • Education – Articles and our Balens CPD Event.
  • Access to finance.
  • An impressive claims handling service.

Other insurance policies we can assist with

In addition to the Business Insurance Policies, we can source and provide assistance with:

  • Insurance for high risk aesthetic treatment (Botox, Fillers & other invasive treatments)
  • Property Owners Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance for miscellaneous trades – Accountants, IT Consultants etc.
  • Public Liability Insurance for miscellaneous trades
  • Commercial Insurance for Offices, Shops, Surgery, Wholesale & Manufacturing Risks
  • Marine Cargo and Transit Insurance
  • Event & Cancellation insurance, including Retreats

Other key benefits of dealing with Balens:

  • The ability to earn from introducing business to Balens
  • Commission payments for sub-brokers, upon agreement
  • Access to training on our specialist product ranges