Section 1: Affinities Policy Cover

  • What is an Affinity Scheme Policy?

    There are two options when applying for insurance cover through the Affinities Department:

    • We have bespoke Affinity Schemes through certain Associations, Organisations and Training Schools. If you are eligible for cover under one of these schemes you will be entitled to a discounted insurance premium. Please ensure to tell us this information when you apply for a quote.

    • If you are not a member of an association or your association does not hold a bespoke affinity scheme through us, we can continue to provide cover for you under our direct Affinity Scheme.
  • Is the policy suitable for my requirements?

    The policy is designed to provide insurance cover to individual health and wellbeing professionals. Balens require copies of your qualifications for the activities/therapies you require cover for.

  • What does the Affinity policy include?

    The Affinities cover includes the following:

    • Balens Health Professionals Combined Liability Insurance Policy:

    Section A: Professional Liability & Malpractice, Public Liability and Products Liability

    Section B: Personal Accident (this is an optional section of cover)

    Section C: Business Equipment ‘All Risks’ (this is an optional section of cover)

    • Commercial Legal Protection Insurance Policy

    For a summary of the key sections of policy cover please see our Key Points Document:

  • What is Professional Liability & Malpractice?

    The Professional Liability & Malpractice policy protects the insured against third party allegations of professional negligence and breaches of professional duty. The policy will provide cover for any damages awarded as a result of your negligence and will provide cover for any legal costs and expenses associated with your defence.

  • What is Public Liability?

    Public Liability provides cover against third party claims and allegations of negligently causing accidental bodily injury or damage to third party property for which you are deemed legally liable for but that does not directly link to the treatment and/or advice provided by you or your business. The policy will provide financial indemnity for any damages awarded and will provide cover for any legal costs and expenses associated with your defence.

  • What is Products liability?

    We understand you may be recommending and selling products as part of your business. As such you could be held legally liable if there is a defect in a product that causes injury or harm to a third party. Liability could attach to you even if you are not responsible for manufacturing the product. The policy will provide cover for any damages awarded and will provide cover for any legal costs and expenses associated with your defence.

  • How much cover is provided by the policy/what is the limit of indemnity?

    The options for limit of indemnity under the policy are £4,000,000 or £6,000,000. If you require a higher limit, please contact us.

  • Are there any policy conditions I need to adhere to for cover to be in place?

    Yes, there are several policy terms and conditions you must adhere to for the policy to respond in the event of a claim.

    The policy Schedule will include any policy conditions and endorsements that are specific to your policy. You must read, understand, and comply with these for your policy to respond in the event of a claim.

    There are a number of general conditions, exclusions and endorsements that are included in the policy wording. It is important for you to refer to these for full information, these are highlighted in the key points document:

  • Will my policy provide cover if I work overseas?

    Providing you are ordinarily domiciled in the UK, the policy will cover you to temporarily practice overseas. The policy will provide you cover to work outside of the UK temporarily providing you return to the UK within the period of insurance. The policy does not include trips to the USA, Canada or any territory under their jurisdiction. If this cover is required, please contact us for further guidance.

  • Does my policy include cover for me to work online?

    Yes, your policy will provide cover for you to provide advice or consultations online providing you are working within the territorial limits. The policy will not provide cover for you to work with clients based in the USA or Canada as standard. If this is required, please contact us as we can generally extend your policy for no additional premium to include this.

    Please note cover is subject to compliance with the record keeping condition, this can be found in your policy wording, page 35, point 2 -

    If you are selling or supplying products to clients based in the USA or Canada, please contact us for guidance.

  • Does my policy provide cover if I teach?

    Yes, the policy will provide insurance cover for you to teach and train in the activities you are insured to practice. However, if you are training and are personally responsible for delivering a qualification or certificate of competency then you may need additional cover. Please contact us for further guidance.

    The policy does include training where you are responsible for delivering a qualification in Healing and Reiki under the standard terms.

  • Does the policy provide cover for student work?

    Yes, providing you notify us of the activity you are a student in, and we accept this, the policy will provide insurance cover for case studies and any other work you provide prior to gaining your qualification.

    Cover is subject to compliance with the following policy condition found in your policy wording on page 24, point 6 -

  • Does the policy provide cover for me to work with children?

    Providing your qualification includes working with children, the policy will provide cover for this. Some activities/therapies require you to undertake additional, bespoke training to work with children. If this is the case, then we would require you to provide us with evidence of this training.

    When working with children (under the age of 16) it is a policy requirement for you to obtain written consent from a parent or guardian prior to the treatment/session.

  • What qualifications do you accept?

    We do not have a list of approved qualifications we accept due to the range of activities we cover. All qualifications will need to be checked prior to inception of cover to ensure they meet our underwriting criteria and to ensure you are covered in the event of a claim.

    We recommend where possible the course includes some face-to-face/in person training, completion of assessed case studies and a final competency assessment carried out by the course tutor.

    Please note where your qualifications have been taken online, we may ask you some additional questions about your training prior to acceptance of your application.

Section 2: Getting a Professional Liability quote

  • How do I get a quote?

    To obtain a quote, you can visit our website ( and complete the ‘Quote’ contact form under the ‘Individuals’ section. You can also email us on or you can call us on 01684 580771.

    In order to supply a quotation swiftly, we would require the following information from you in the initial correspondence: your name and where relevant, your business name or trade name, confirmation you require cover as a sole trader or individual practitioner, the country where you and your business are ordinarily domiciled, the activities you practice and whether you are a member of any professional associations or training schools.

  • How does the cover differ if I am a member of an association?

    If you are a member of an association that we have an Affinity scheme with, you will be eligible for a discounted insurance premium via their scheme. The cover offered by the policy will be exactly the same as the Balens Affinity Scheme, it is just the premium that will differ.

  • I have requested a quote, what will I receive?

    You will receive an email from Balens that summarises what the policy covers along with information on how to apply for cover. The email has the following documents attached: declaration form, key points document and our terms of business.

  • I am happy with my quote, how do I apply for cover?

    If you would like to apply for cover, we would need you to complete the declaration form and return it to us by email along with copies of your qualifications. If you are a student, we understand that you will not have qualifications yet so please just return the form. We are happy for the form to be completed electronically and as this is a PDF document, this can be done using PDF editing software. Alternatively, you can print the document, complete by hand and return by email either as a scanned image or as a photo attachment. If you would prefer for the form to be posted out to you, please provide us with your address and we can send this to you free of charge.

  • I have applied for cover, what happens next?

    Once you have submitted your application, it can take us between 3 – 5 working days to process the application and contact you for payment. We work through applications in date order and will be in contact as soon as we can. Providing all questions have been answered favourably and the qualifications meet our requirements, we will be holding cover in place from the date the application form is received in the office (unless you have requested a specific date in the future).

Section 3: Making a change to an existing Professional Liability policy

  • I have an existing policy but would like to make a change to my personal information

    If you have an online account with us, you will be able to log in and make changes to your contact information and address. Alternatively, you can email us on to confirm the updated details. If you wish to make a change to your name, we will need to see official documentation such as a marriage certificate or change of name deed and we are happy for this to be emailed to us.

  • I have an existing policy but would like to add an additional activity/therapy

    In order to add an activity/therapy onto your policy, we would just need you to email us a copy of your additional qualification ( We would then review the qualification to see if it meets our underwriter’s requirements and would advise whether we require an additional premium to include this. If an additional premium is required, the upgrade would be calculated on a pro rata basis.

  • I need to inform Balens of a change in circumstance

    If you need to notify us of a change to your business, please either call us on 01684 580771 or email us on We will then be able to discuss this with you and provide guidance on the most appropriate action moving forward.

Section 4: Making payment

  • How can I make payment for my policy?

    Once your application has been processed, a member of the team will call you to confirm that the policy is ready for payment and will advise you of the payment options available. Payment can be made through our secure online payment portal, by bank transfer or over the phone by credit/debit card. Please note, we do not currently accept payment with American Express.

Section 5: Renewing my Professional Liability policy

  • My policy is due for renewal, will you contact me?

    We will send your renewal invitation out to you by email approximately 4 weeks prior to your renewal date. If you do not have an email address on file, we will post the renewal documents. The renewal invitation is followed by two reminder emails; one is sent before the renewal is due and the second is sent shortly after the policy has expired.

  • You have sent me my renewal pack, what should this include?

    Your renewal pack will include the following documentation: Renewal Invitation, Affinities Renewal Guide, Direct Debit Affordability Questionnaire, Monthly Direct Debit Information Pack & Terms of Business.

  • How can I renew my policy?

    The majority of policies can be renewed online ( or through our automated telephone service (01684 580 795). If you are insured via an Affinity Scheme that is not compatible for these options or if you pay by monthly direct debit, you will be unable to renew using these methods. Alternative options include, renewing over the phone with our team on 01684 580771 or completing and returning the renewal forms by email (

  • I want to renew my policy but I would like to pay using Direct Debit

    We have two direct debit options; monthly direct debit or annual direct debit. If you would like to pay by monthly direct debit, this would mean the payments are spread over 10 monthly instalments with 0% interest. If you wish to pay by annual direct debit, the premium would be paid in full each year and the policy would automatically renew.

    To set up a monthly direct debit, we would need you to complete and return your renewal invitation, affordability questionnaire and direct debit mandate.

    To set up an annual direct debit, we would need you to complete and return your renewal invitation and direct debit mandate.

  • I want to renew my policy but would like to add/remove cover for an activity

    Please complete and return your renewal declaration form. If you wish to include cover for another activity, you will need to forward a copy of your qualification with your completed form and we can then add cover if your qualification meets underwriting requirements. If you wish to remove cover for an activity, please cross out the activity on the renewal declaration form and we can action this for you.

Section 6: Contacting us

  • How do I contact the Affinities Team?

    You can contact us by email (, by phone (01684 580771) or via the contact forms on our website (

  • Cancelling your policy

    If you wish to cancel your policy, please email us ( as we require the cancellation request in writing. Please confirm the reason for the cancellation along with confirmation of the date you wish to cancel from. We will then calculate the cancellation on a pro rata basis and advise whether there is any refund due. Please note some policies may be charged a cancellation fee, details of this can be found in our Terms of Business document.

  • What should I do in the event of a claim/complaint?

    In this event, please contact us, preferably by email to We will support you to understand the allegation and get all the relevant information together for insurers. In this scenario, it is important you do not admit liability. Please refer to your policy document for full claims conditions.

Section 7: Other policies

  • I am working in partnership, or I have set up a clinic, will I need additional insurance cover?

    The Affinities policy will only provide cover for claims or allegations that are raised against you or your business noted on the insurance schedule for the work carried out by you. The policy provides individual cover for you only so if you set up a business with multiple directors or practitioners, or if you work in a formal partnership with another practitioner under a business name, it is likely you will need additional cover. If this applies to you or your business, please contact Balens for further guidance.

  • Do I require additional Employers’ Liability Insurance?

    The Affinity insurance policy through Balens does not include cover for Employers' Liability. Employers' liability is compulsory in the UK if you or your business have any employees or if you take on temporary staff, work experience or volunteers. This type of cover protects against claims made against your business should an employee become ill or injured as a result of working for your business.

    If you do have employees or if you do take on volunteers or work experience placements, please contact Balens for further information.