Being a Director, Officer or Partner in a company carries a wealth of responsibilities, including the possibility of being held personally legally liable for any acts and / or omissions carried out during the performance of your duties for the business. This could result in claims for compensation, risk of fines or even imprisonment. 

Balens are able to offer Directors & Officers Insurance designed to meets these legal liabilities, offering cover for the costs of claims for compensation made against the individual for wrongful acts.

Benefits of a Directors & Officers Liability Policy:

Most policies are designed for UK Private Limited Companies with an annual turnover of up to £25 million usually with Limits of Liability ranging from £100,000 to £2 million.

  • Directors Personal Liability

    This protects the individual Director against claims and / or allegations for wrongful acts whilst acting in their role as a Director or Officer for the Company. Cover can include such things as losses, civil liability, defence costs and other costs that may not be indemnified by the Company.

    • Various limits of indemnity are usually available, with options typically ranging from £100,000 to £2 million in the aggregate (i.e. total paid for all claims in the year)
  • Cover for the Corporate entity

    This policy extension can reimburse the Company where it has indemnified its Directors.

  • Balens have access to a range of reputable insurers that offer Directors & Officers Policies, and are able to offer cover to include elements such as:
    • Employment Practice Liability
    • Trustees Pension Liability and
    • Cyber Crime Insurance

    Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

All policies are subject to Terms and Conditions.

Optional Additional Cover

  • £250,000 Commercial Legal Expenses

    Covers legal costs, awards and expenses in the event of claims being brought by employees and others related to legal issues. Any Business can incur expenses and be vulnerable under the bewildering amount of laws governing the operation of a Business. Our Legal Expenses Policy offers a wide range of support, information and cover for a range of legally related issues that can arise in the day to day running of your business. 

    • £250,000 legal costs and expenses including solicitors’ and barristers’ fees, court costs, expenses for expert witnesses, and accountants’ fees. It will also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal.
    • £1 million Employment compensation and Employment Disputes Cover – maximum payable in any one period of insurance.
    • Pre-Disciplinary and Disciplinary Hearings Cover.
    • Contracts Disputes Cover.
    • Property Protection and Personal Injury.
    • Taxation Protection.
    • Help lines for – Legal advice, taxation advice, counselling services, employment manual and disputes law.

    We have access to a range of other stand-alone Commercial Legal packages if the above additional policy option is not suitable for your requirements.

    All policies are subject to Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us to get a personalised quote for your practice:

Commercial Department 01684 580 776

Other policies services which may be useful:

Balens have a range of additional policies that you may wish to consider as part of your insurance portfolio.

  • Balens Professional Liability Insurance policy For individual therapists / health, well-being, fitness or beauty professionals, looking for an insurance solution to cover them, in the event they are held legally liable for any breach of their Professional Duty in connection with their business activities i.e. advice / treatments / therapies provided.  Please also see our Article – Introduction to Insurance.
  • Contents, Equipment & Employers Liability Insurance – Balens have devised a range of contents package options to cover contents stock and equipment which you own and / or are responsible for.  Employers Liability is included as standard, plus you have the option to add additional sections of cover such as Business Interruption, Buildings Insurance, Products Liability and Terrorism. Please also see our Article – Risk Management for Salon Owners.
  • Charities and Not-for-Profit Organisations - Are you a community Band or similar? Do you have volunteers or Trustees? Balens have a range of options to meet the insurance requirements for this business sector.   
  • Clinic / Salon Policy – As your business grows you may need to cover the business and business name for the work, treatments and / or advice of more than one person.  Balens offer two options of cover designed to cater for this need, Contingent Cover and a Full Clinic Policy. The ‘Clinic’ policy can cover work performed by other qualified professionals, whether employed or self-employed that work under your corporate name. Please also see our Article – Do you run a Multi Profession Clinic?
  • Cyber / Crime Insurance – Your business may be at risk if you use any form of internet-based technology within your business or for the storage of data. Cyber / Crime insurance is designed to protect businesses and individual users from these risks, including such elements as theft of funds, loss of data, online fraud, transmission of a virus.
  • Health Products Insurance Package – Balens have devised a package policy for Health, Wellbeing, Fitness and Beauty Professionals that may be involved in the manufacture, sale and / or distribution of related products. 
  • Personal Accident and/or Sickness policies – This cover may be of particular importance for those that are self-employed and have no alternative income. Balens have devised and arranged a policy designed to pay out either a lump sum or a weekly benefit (if selected) in the event of an accident, bodily injury to you and /or illness depending upon the type of policy chosen. Please also see our Article – Personal Accident and Sickness Cover. 
  • Training School Insurance – If you hold a Professional teaching qualification and are a qualified Health, Well-Being, Fitness or Beauty Practitioner who wants to train and certify others, Balens offer a Teaching School Insurance for an unlimited number of students.
    If you are looking to offer training which issues certificates of attendance only, this is automatically included in our Balens Professional Indemnity policy with no limits and for no additional premium. If you are issuing certificates of competence, a Training School extension can be added to your Professional Liability policy for an additional premium (limits apply). Please also see our Article – Do You Treat & Teach or Do You Need A Training School Policy?