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External Links

  • AAMET International- - A 'not-for-profit' EFT/Energy Psychology Association

    International is the largest professional EFT Association worldwide. AAMET represents EFT Practitioners & Trainers worldwide and its Statute requires that it operates on a lawful, not for profit basis, therefore all Board members work voluntarily. AAMET is set up to promote ethical practice; fund EFT research; support its members and forge links with professional organisations. All Practitioners and Trainers registered on this site have had their qualifications validated and have signed up to mandatory CPD & Mentoring as well as a strict Code of Conduct and Ethics.

  • Academy of Advanced Beauty

    We are a small team, working to the highest standards. All our courses are recognised and accredited by several major organisations and some of our courses (check course details) are offered as Internationally recognised CIBTAC endorsed qualifications. Our courses are delivered by a medically and beauty trained lecturer. all of our courses qualify for CPD points, course dates are flexible, we offer small class sizes or one-to-one training at no extra charge. Free collection and drop-off for students arriving by train, accommodation can be arranged - ask for details, certificates are only awarded after students have demonstrated full competence. To those failing to reach the required standard, we offer extra tuition to raise their skill levels without further charge before awarding them their certificate. At the Academy of Advanced Beauty we put great emphasis on client care, their safety as well as attention to details. The courses we offer are:-ULTRASONIC LIPO-CAVITATION, PRESSOTHERAPY, INFRARED THERAPY, ADVANCED FACIAL TREATMENT, COSMETIC THERMOTHERAPY AND CRYOTHERAPY, MICRODERMABRASION FOR FACE AND BODY, ULTRASOUND FOR SKIN REJUVENATION, BEAUTIFUL IMAGE FACE AND BODY SCULPTURING, CRYOTHERAPY INDUCED LIPOLYSIS, RADIO FREQUENCY FOR FACE AND BODY.

  • Accredited EFT and Mindfulness Centre

    The EFT and Mindfulness Centre is a respectable and professional training company that specialises in offering accredited training in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Mindfulness. We offer a simple and affordable way to becoming certified and accredited whilst upholding high standards and being informal.

    With over 14 years’ solid experience in the field, we are supported and endorsed by reputable organisations who value our ethos.

    We run independently from any college or awarding body, and therefore will consider grandfathering in appropriately qualified EFT and Mindfulness Practitioners and Trainers, equally and fairly. The founder wrote the training programme for AAMET International and is formally committed to aligning EFT training with Occupational Standards. These Standards are a requirement for any therapy to be accepted within mainstream medicine and are widely accepted across a broad range of healthcare disciplines worldwide. Please send any enquiries through our website.

  • Alternative Therapies

    Alternative Therapies trains students in Reiki healing, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Diet and Nutrition, Oriental Diagnosis techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, Psychic Development & Body Massage. Venues in London, Brighton & Gerrards Cross. Tel: 1273 302 428.

  • Association of Neuromuscular Therapists (ANMT)

    The objects for which the Association is established are to protect and enhance the rights and privileges of those practicing physical therapies including, but not limited to, neuromuscular therapy, physical therapy and sports massage; to promote honourable practice; to repress malpractice; to settle disputed points of practice; to decide questions of professional usage of courtesy; and to establish a register of members.

  • Association of Systematic Kinesiology

    The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) is the largest association for systematic kinesiology in the UK.
    It is a registered charity and offers many benefits to its members.
    For more information please contact the ASK.

  • Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland (ARCHTI)

    We are an all Ireland multi-therapy association for fully qualified; insured and accredited professional complementary health therapists and practitioners established since 1999.

  • Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (UK)

    The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK), founded in 1994 with high professional standards, is currently the largest professional body of traditional Chinese Medicine which mainly includes Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and Chinese remedial massage.

  • Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA)

    BTPA is run by Bowen therapists for Bowen therapists and is unusual in that it is entirely independent of any Bowen school (human, canine or equine). It requires its members to adhere to the highest standards of qualification and practice with regular CPD and current first aid training and insurance. It is a not-for-profit organisation which puts a lot of effort into supporting its members and promoting the profile of Bowen to the public. Whilst most of its members are in the UK it has a growing overseas membership also. A quarterly In Touch magazine and a host of advice on professional matters is available to members. Enquiries: 0844 561 7173 or email:

  • British Association for Nutritional Therapy

    The primary function of BANT is to assist its members in attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice. Our register of practitioners only lists fully qualified members. We have a policy of continuing professional development and insist our practitioners are fully insured to practice.

  • British Holistic Medical Association

    BHMA is open to everyone who supports a holistic approach to healthcare. Members receive a copy of the quarterly Journal of Holistic Healthcare and have access to all past issues.

  • Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists (CABP)

    Since the early 1980's Chiron has been a leader in the field of Body Psychotherapy, its development, and its integration with other modalities. The name Chiron has become associated with an integrative and relational approach to body psychotherapy in the UK.
    Our website enables:
    clients who want to include the body more fully in their psychotherapy process to find therapists
    professionals in the field to access innovative training to expand their skills base
    CABP is a:
    national accrediting organisation for Body Psychotherapists in the UK
    member organisation of the UKCP.

  • College of Healing-UK Healers Scheme

    Regular courses on healing and self-development, from Foundation course for those with little or no prior experience of working with energies, to Professional Diploma in Healing. Healing can be combined with many other complementary therapies.

  • College of Naturopathic Medicine

    The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) was established in the UK in 1998 and is now the largest training provider in a range of natural health therapies, with 10 colleges across the UK and Ireland. CNM offers diplomas in Nutrition; Herbal Medicine; Acupuncture and Homeopathy. Postgraduate courses for existing practitioners are also available, and short courses are offered for the public to learn more about various natural therapies. Courses available depend on location. CNM has colleges in London, Belfast, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. CNM Ireland has colleges in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

    Regular free-to-attend Open Evenings held at all CNM colleges are an opportunity to find out more about the courses available. Tel: 1342 410 505; Email: or visit

  • Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Primary Care (CPC)

    CPC is a self-regulating membership association. CPC's objectives are the preservation and protection of good mental health in the United Kingdom by:
    Educating health professionals and promoting high standards of practice in psychological therapy
    Increasing awareness and understanding of psychological therapy amongst health professionals, service providers and promoting access to psychological therapies.
    CPC is a Member Organisation of the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Section of UKCP. CPC Registered Members are eligible to apply for UKCP Registration as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.
    For more information please contact the office on 1243 870701 or email

  • CounsellorsUK

    With over 4000 members, CounsellorsUK is fast becoming one of the largest UK sites for the general public to access help when they need it from creditable, well qualified and professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists from the main UK Professional bodies.
    Our ethos at CounsellorsUK is about people and good mental health. As the professional bodies have been doing for years, we want to help work on the arduous task of ending stigma of admitting to mental health issues and for society to realise that this can affect anyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality or postcode. We would also like to see a move towards a more holistic view of counselling, where people visit a ‘therapist’ to ensure they stay mentally healthy, not just when they have an issue. As part of our commitment to mental health, we are also supporting the charity - YoungMinds.

  • Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR)

    The CMIR, collaborating with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, is dedicated to east-west medicine integration, focusing on high standard educational programmes to western medical and healthcare professionals. The institute maintains a register of properly qualified practitioners, who abide by a set of code practice. As a member of the WFCMS, CMC, DH CAM Regulatory Steering Group, and CAM Parliamentary Group, CMIR initiated dialogue between government bodies and healthcare institutions east and west.

  • Dru Professional Network

    Since 1985, Dru has trained more than 3,000 yoga teachers worldwide. The Dru Professional Network is the Professional Association of Dru Yoga teachers in the UK. Members of the Dru Professional Network have completed the 200 hour Dru Yoga Training Course which is registered with the international Yoga Alliance and the Independent Yoga Network. Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation.

  • Equine Massage Academy

    Leading provider of fully accredited Equine Massage training courses, producing insured level 5 Equine Therapists with international recognition. Full range of continuing professional development short courses available.

  • Equinenergy and International Equine Body Worker Association ;

    The IEBWA is a central and focal association that regulates and supports equine body workers from around the world. Membership is granted to students and graduates who carry full liability insurance and who complete a set requirement for annual continued professional development.

  • General Natural Practitioner Guild

    The GNPGR has the long term aim of upgrading the standard and image of the complementary practitioner to a standard of competence of degree level, in an endeavour to differentiate between bona fide complementary practitioners from the quasi-complementary therapies.

  • Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists

    The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International is Britain's umbrella body for Iridology. The organisation provides a register of qualified Iridologists who have been trained to meet the Guild's common core curriculum, and provides details on accredited training courses internationally.

  • Health Kinesiology UK

    The largest group of kinesiology therapy practitioners in UK. The site explains and defines health kinesiology, contains a regional listing of qualified practitioners and many case notes. There are also details of the therapy training courses.

  • Holistic Healers Association

    The Holistic Healers Association was formed in 1998 and its aim is to be available to all healers who join and become members. Association has training centres throughout the UK where training courses are available.

  • Hour of Power

    Hour of Power Workout, based on the Fitness4x4 training method, is a uniquely mindful approach to Cardio-Vascular fitness training, offering studio classes and home-workout DVDs to enthusiasts, and REPS accredited Instructor Certification opportunities to Health Professionals. Where the concept of holistic training, well-being and 'mindful exercise' is not uncommon in the realm of Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi and other holistic training methods, in conventional fitness training it is rarely considered. The Hour of Power workout conversely has for 25 years offered people an opportunity to radically change their true energy capacity, vitality and cardio-vascular fitness in a way that engages both mind and body.

    Certification Courses are open to all health professionals and enthusiasts, with or without prior fitness industry qualifications. However, for REPS registered trainers, please note that the Hour of Power certification courses are worth16REPS CPD points.

  • International Council of Reflexologists

    ICR was established in 1990 in Toronto by a group of Reflexologists determined to establish Reflexology as a self regulating profession. This group resolved to combine their efforts to ensure public safety and to promote the study and exchange of the knowledge and art of Reflexology within the profession.

  • International Institute of Reflexology®(UK)

    The IIR® is the oldest established reflexology teaching organisation in the world. It was formed in 1962 in response to huge international demand for tuition. It is dedicated to teaching the correct Original Ingham Method ® (Please access our website for the many centres in the UK) or "See our website for centres"

  • International Register Of Consultant Herbalists And Homeopaths

    All members of IRCH have received extensive academic and clinical training and passed examinations set by its faculty.
    Members are recognised by the initials DBTL MIRCH - Registered Medical Herbalist or DHoM MIRCH - Homoeopathic Practitioner.
    The IRCH is a registered non profit-making-organisation

  • International Self Realization Healing Association (UK Healers scheme)

    Founded in 1995, ISRHA is a worldwide community of healers, counsellors, associates and friends. We seek to embrace the highest standards of professional practice and training, combined with a depth
    of love and spirituality in order to help those in need.

  • Reiki Association

    We are a membership organisation open to anyone initiated into Reiki in person, from an unbroken lineage back to Mikao Usui. We offer community and support for students, masters and practitioners and information/advice for those interested in learning or receiving Reiki.

  • Kinesiology Federation

    Founded in 1991 and now with over 500 members, the Federation is a highly professional unifying organisation linking branches of kinesiology and meeting the needs of the public all over Britain. It
    promotes kinesiology, promotes its members and answers queries from the general public.

  • National Institute of Medical Herbalists

    The UK's leading professional body representing herbal practitioners. The Institute is self-regulating and is run on a voluntary basis. The Institute maintains a register of individual members, sets the profession's educational standards and runs an accreditation system for training establishments, maintains mandatory programmes of professional development, provides codes of conduct, ethics and practise, has a complaints mechanism and disciplinary procedures, represents the profession, patients and the public through participation in external processes such as regulation of the profession and herbal medicine. Members are required to have professional liability, public liability and medical malpractice insurance. The NIMH operates a mandatory comprehensive block insurance scheme through Balens Ltd.

    The organisation has a long and industrious history. It was first established as the National Association of Medical Herbalists in 1864 by a group of herbalists from the north of England. Today the National Institute of Medical Herbalists has members across the UK and beyond. The Institute promotes the benefits, the efficacy and safe use of herbal medicine. Continuously striving to provide the best patient care through the work of our members we believe the evidence for what we do is clear: the long and safe track record of NIMH practitioners in the practise of a medicine that is as old as mankind.

  • Near You

    Do you teach Yoga, Dance or Pilates or Martial Arts? Subscribe to one of our Near You websites.

    Online Class Finders:


    Yoga Class Near You

    Dance Near You

    Pilates Near You

    Martial Arts Near You

  • Radionic Association

    The Association, founded in 1943, exists to train, and serve as, the professional body for qualified radionic practitioners, and also to provide a forum for others who wish to learn more and support this valuable form of distant healing.

  • Real Time Reception Ltd

    Real Time Reception Ltd provides virtual reception services for health professionals throughout the UK and Eire.
    Working to help free up the practitioners to spend more time in revenue generation with their clients. Real Time Reception will answer calls, forward messages and book appointments for your clients. The aim is to help the businesses to grow, and reduce time spent on the tedious admin tasks that can tie you down, with clear advantages in cost saving and business development.

  • Reiki Healers and Teachers Society

    We are a network of reiki practitioners and teachers, offering support and advice to our members and a list of quality-assured practitioners and teachers for the general public. We are part of the Reiki Regulatory Working Group.

  • Reikiparty International

    A member's organisation uniting like-minded people.
    Free membership to everyone with a Reiki attunement, embracing all the different Reiki approaches. Reikiparty teaches a unique healing system for personal and spiritual development created from Unconditional Love, Reiki Healing and Divine Wisdom.

  • ReVitalyz

    ReVitalyz specialise in L1 and L2 Seated Physical Activities (SPA) training, delivered in-house and at various open events advertised on
    Devised and written by the experienced Vitalyz exercise team, ReVitalyz training is endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists and totally unique.
    SPA training motivates, encourages and enables learners to recognise the value and benefits of regular physical activity for less able and/or seniors.
    Please visit or call 023 9235 8285 for further information.

  • Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO)

    The Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO) is the premier massage therapists' organisation in Scotland.
    The SMTO exists to provide a service to the public, the massage therapist and the profession, and works with the GCMT in developing and maintaining standards.

  • Shiatsu Society (UK)

    The National Network for information on Shiatsu and the Professional Practitioners Registers, founded in 1981. Details of training courses available. All practitioners fully qualified, insured & follow our Code of Ethics. Visit our website for further information.

  • Society of Auricular Acupuncturists

    The Society is a professional organisation whose members practise auricular acupuncture according to the principles of Western and Chinese Medicine. It is affiliated to the British College of Auricular
    Acupuncture who carry out training.

  • Sussex Healers Association

    The association is a registered charity founded in June 1959 and the first president was the late Mr Harry Edwards. The association is Inter-denominational and promotes the study and practice of spiritual healing. All our registered healers are insured.

  • The Alphamusic of John Levine

    Alphamusic is music that aims to induce alpha brain waves. When the mind is in an alpha state the body can function properly. This can significantly improve healing, digestion, the immune system, concentration and emotional wellbeing just for starters.

    Stress-related disorders are the epidemic of our time. Alphamusic is reported to be very effective and is highly recommended by professionals such as Patrick Holford, world renowned nutrition expert or Amanda Gordon, Director of Practice & Senior Clinical Psychologist.

  • The Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists

    ARCH was formed in 1987 and is a mutual association. It continues to be the lead organisation in the UK for colon hydrotherapy and sets high standards of training and practice to which all its members work.

  • The British Medical Acupuncture Society

    The British Medical Acupuncture Society is a registered charity established to encourage the use and scientific understanding of acupuncture within medicine for the public benefit. It seeks to enhance the education and training of suitably qualified practitioners, and to promote high standards of working practices in acupuncture. Members are regulated healthcare professionals who practice acupuncture within the scope of their professional practice.

  • The British Institute of Homeopathy

    Founded in 1986, The British Institute of Homeopathy provides distance
    learning programmes in homeopathy and other complementary therapies
    worldwide which are accessible and affordable.

  • The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity

    CIMSPA started its operations on 1 Jan 2012, following the award of a Royal Charter in late 2011, before which it was operating as IMSPA
    IMSPA was formed on 1 April 2011 through a merger between the Institute for Sport and Recreation Management and the Institute for Sport, Parks and Leisure.
    The vision statement of the Institute is: "To develop a vibrant, UK wide sport and physical activity sector, led by professionals providing advocacy and leadership and working in partnership with its stakeholders to help ensure the highest standards of service delivery."

  • The College of Psychic Studies-UK Healers Scheme

    The College of Psychic Studies, founded in 1884, promotes spiritual values and a greater understanding of the wider areas of human consciousness. It offers regular courses and workshops in meditation, psychic development and also an accredited healing course.

  • The Confederation of Healing Organisations

    The CHO is the leading charity advancing the practice of Healing: promoting its benefits as a recognised complementary therapy by providing education, research and information to a wider audience of Healing and healthcare practitioners and society as a whole.

    Our members are healing organisations whose aims and ethos are in line with our own and whose members have been trained to National Occupational Standards for Healing. We also offer Associate membership for individual healers and other therapists, healthcare professionals etc. We especially welcome applications from international healers and healing organisations.

  • The Hypnotherapy Association

    The Hypnotherapy association is an independent, non-profit making organisation democratically run by hypnotherapists. We uphold criteria for the regulation of our members, so that any person seeking the services of a Hypnotherapist may be offered the best duty of care.

  • The Sports Therapy Association (STA)

    The Sports Therapy Association (STA) is setting a new gold standard in professional representation for sports therapists, sports injury therapists and soft tissue therapists across the United Kingdom.

    Click here to watch their 'Insurance Special' podcast where host Matt Phillips of Runchatlive invites David Balen to talk about the challenges that both Balens and its customers have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how Balens has managed to ensure that the service it delivers remains true to the core principles of the company. 

  • The 'M' technique

    The official website for the M technique in the United Kingdom and is linked to the US organization RJBuckle Associates
    The M technique is a registered method of touch suitable for the critically ill, actively dying or very stressed and is used in many hospices in the UK. The M technique was created by a critical care
    nurse, Dr Jane Buckle.

  • UK Reiki Federation

    The UK Reiki Federation is a professional body which promotes best practice within the field of Reiki, offering support to Reiki professionals, and to the public.

  • United Chiropractic Association

    The United Chiropractic Association aims to ensure the public has access to principle centered Chiropractic care by:
    Continuing education of the public
    Continuing education of the Chiropractic profession
    The funding of research into principle centered Chiropractic
    The encouragement of Chiropractic as a career

  • Yoga Therapy and Training Centre

    Established in 1996 the YTTC is Ireland's largest professional Yoga training body meeting National Occupational Standards. A yoga Alliance registered school and a founder member of the British Council for Yoga Therapy, with international recognition.