Thanks so much for putting on this amazing event. I was looking forward to it, and it really exceeded my expectations. All very interesting, and great to be part of
RC (Balens CPD Event 2021)
I found the day inspiring, uplifting, informative and it made my day. The speakers on the day filled me with positivity and hope for the future.
PE (Balens CPD Event 2021)
Just to say thank you so much for a thoroughly informative and inspiring webinar last Thursday - it was a marvellously uplifting day. Even though we were not face to face, the inclusive nature of the presentation created a warm, friendly atmosphere.
DA (Balens CPD Event 2021)
I would like to say a massive thank you for yesterday, it was really inspirational and very, very interesting. David was brilliant and clearly was supported by an excellent team ensuring that everything went smoothly. I really hope you do something similar again.
CS (Balens CPD Event 2021)
Thank you all so much for giving your time and effort to put this CPD event online. It was an amazing mix of different people and extremely informative. I feel very uplifted that there is so much good work going on, despite current global difficulties.
MD (Balens CPD Event 2021)
I've done quite a lot of CPD this past year and this event could quite possibly be the best one of them all... ...All of the speakers were fascinating and I took many notes and found the speakers social media and followed them.
JT (Balens CPD Event 2021)
I am most grateful to the Balens team for their support and excellent assistance during an incredibly difficult time.
Joanna Sep 2019
I contacted Balens for specialised insurance - and their efficiency in organising it all within a few hours was really impressive. The staff member I spoke to - Stacie - knew exactly what would be right for me, asked me all the relevant questions, and took the appropriate fee. In 40 minutes, all was complete, and I only had to print out the relevant documents. Very efficient, very impressive, and a charming, intelligent person to deal with. Thank you. Thank you Stacie.
Anne Jack
Thank you SO much for your (and your colleagues previous) help and advice, it is such a pleasure to deal with a company who actually make you feel listened to (no faceless call centres!), are knowledgeable in their specialism and frankly provide such a valuable service. I am indebted to you all as I had been feeling as though I would have to give up my therapies due to the complexities of insurance! Thanks again.
J King
Thank you I have saved £933.08 on my home insurance for 2016. Since 2005 I have been with the same insurer, the buildings and contents have not changed, though house prices have gone up. In 2005 the premium was £761.88; in 2016 they were asking for £1,604. I have just been given a quote from a very reputable insurer (Balens) for £670.92. My premium is higher than normal because I run a part-time therapy practice from home and have four tenants – it is a big house with 13 rooms plus kitchens and bathrooms. Thank you
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your good-value insurance services to me, a Hand Analysis practitioner; and that I wish you all the very best in your work.
S. Pryce
If I had to nominate someone who was the most pleasant person to talk to at a helpdesk I think you would be my number one choice! So glad you took my call this morning. Thanks again.
I really cannot praise Balens highly enough - and especially Sarah Biggs, the particular European Team member who handled my policy. Despite ludicrously short notice on my part, Sarah went out of her way to turn around my initial query and personally place my application with the right person. My policy was therefore up and running within 24 hours of my initial call to Sarah - when the advertised period is up to three days for a quote alone. On the basis of my dealings with Sarah and Dawn, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Balens to anyone. Absolutely superb customer service even when faced with a frankly unreasonable and unrealistic request - and they made it happen. Both Sarah and Dawn are a credit to your company and I am confident my wife and I will remain loyal customers thanks to their stellar customer service.
Mickey and Deborah McMonagle - Skin Deep Beauty
This is brilliant! For some reason I never knew you ran these CPD conferences. As a customer, it makes me feel very 'looked after'. It was recently suggested I change insurers when I was looking into changing membership of my professional body, but I explained that I feel I have a great service with you - you are always so swift, and nothing ever seems to be a problem at all and this validates it even more! I wanted to say thank you for being more than an insurer. And for your reasonably charged conference price, which makes it feel you are here to support us rather than make money out of us.
F.L. Mar 2015
I just wanted to say I feel really well looked after by you. You really have gone the extra mile to get what is a somewhat complicated insurance request sorted out and I really appreciate that.
E.Dunn Feb 2015
Hi Peter,Thank you for your email and for all your help and assistance.I have now had all my shutters fitted.Once again thanks for dealing with my insurance so quickly and for going that extra mile last Friday for me. You are an outstanding member of staff and a great representation of Balens. Have a lovely day.
S.Ali Feb 2015
Thank you for organising insurance cover for me. It really is a very good cover and lovely to speak to people who have an understanding of complimentary therapies. Best wishes,
J Cox
I just wanted to take a few minutes to write to you both regarding Luke Smith. I have been dealing with Luke on an unusual insurance requirement and I think you should know what an excellent service he has provided. His bearing has been friendly yet very professional and he has worked hard to get the result I wanted. In fact, it is fair to say that he has surpassed my expectations both in the speed of his response and the savings he has achieved on my premiums (around 50% with more cover!!!). Over the years I have dealt with many other insurance providers and to date none have gone the extra mile that I believe that Luke clearly has. In short, I think the man is a credit to Balen and I believe that you should know that. I was only intending to use Balen for one particular insurance issue, however, after the service I have received it is now my intention to come back with more of my insurance requirements. I was recommended Balen Insurance by another of your clients and I now see why. I will certainly recommend your company to other people in my field.
Mr Deacy
Thanks Sue, you are a star, this has been a load off my mind, Much appreciated!!!! Overall I am very pleased at how well you handled everything and have put me at ease. You should be commended for your diplomatic and professional approach to this matter.
J Olivier
I would like to thank all of you at Balens for all the help, advice and support you have given to both me and ARCH members during my time as Chair. I have always said that the value of insurance is only realised when you need to use it. Hopefully our members will never need to find out, but having seen how you deal with things and support people with a feeling of safety support and especially taking out as much of the fear as is possible, I would never have any hesitation recommending Balens.
J Edwards
I have not stopped raving about you. I received a significant discount on my Balens insurance when I signed up with Private Practice Hub. It goes without saying you are amazing. I am hoping that when some of my friends and colleagues require renewal they will go through you. I am spreading the word!
S. Philip, Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant
Having worked successfully with Balens for more than a decade I can honestly say that they are extremely good at what they do. Perhaps unsurprisingly they have arranged appropriate bespoke insurance cover for Pilates teachers, which is well designed, flexible, effective and good value. What sets them apart is the way they have delivered this essential service. From the outset David Balen was generous with his time and experience, offering advice and support to teachers wanting to apply a high standard of professionalism to their work. He made sure he understood the scope of their practice and what they needed, enabling him to provide not only suitable insurance cover, but also the advice and support to back it up. However, Balens are not a one man team, they may have grown, but have always maintained a high level of personal service. Joe Balen has been extremely helpful monitoring the the detail of the cover provided and suggesting possible alterations. The new website has made it simpler to renew a policy and access some of the supporting information, adding to the reassurance of having someone at the end of the phone to answer questions and offer advice.
I am taking a much needed break after many years of practice so will not be renewing my policy this year. Balens has served my needs as a psychotherapist with a perfect balance of efficiency, warmth, and a clear and comprehensive policy that I cannot fault for the years I have been with you. The cost is very reasonable for such comprehensive cover, and, whilst this is an important factor, it is the consistent quality of service that I value; a service that I can trust. I remember meeting David Balen at a conference/workshop with Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers, ...must have been at the beginning of the 80's.... Remember me to him. love and very best wishes to you all. I send you a heartfelt thanks for the excellent service you have afforded me in my professional career. You are a business with heart! ...something that would transform the world if it caught on!
Jeremy Price -Psychotherapist
We have used Balens for many years in providing a block insurance scheme for our members and also having our Directors insured with them. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have always found them efficient, helpful, knowledgable and they handle queries quickly. It is nice to deal with a 'human' organisation who are always on the end of a phone to help and seem to genuinely care about their customers and meeting their needs.
Samantha Haywood
Northwood Day Care Centre has used Balens Insurance Company for several years, and in all this time we have found them to be an excellent company to be a part of. Balens have also helped us in many areas and also many changes we have gone through over these years. Balens provide a simple but effective solution for our changing needs, we would highly recommend there professional Insurance cover and also there ongoing commitment of providing an excellent service to our charity's needs.
Mr. A Thomas
I just wanted to thank you for your help regarding my policy number and insurance details, it is muchly appreciated!
Many thanks! I should probably stop to note how efficient and helpful I find Balens, every time I have to add something or ask a question! Thank you
M Young-Yoga
I am sending this email to express my gratitude of the efficient turn-over of my application. So far I am very impressed with the level of service and the help that I have received over the telephone. Many thanks
G. Thompson
Whenever I have called Balens, I always get a person who is friendly and efficient with quick answers/responses to any questions I have. Many thanks
Rhian Pyart Osteopath
Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service! It is so refreshing to recieve this sort of excellent service nowadays and your afforts are much appreciated!
Alison Dalziel
I have been insured with Balens since 2008, and I have to say they are by far the best insurance company I have ever dealt with. They treat you individually, listen to your needs and do their best to meet your requirements and at a really competitive price. Thank you for sorting out my rather complicated cover this year ladies. Really appreciate it, especially knowing how busy you are at the moment :). Thank you again, Sandy x
Sandy Cristel
Each time I've contacted your offices by telephone, the lady answering has always been very helpful, clearly spoken and with a lovely telephone voice and manner. Thank you.
S Waldapfel
I just wanted to express my thanks to Luke Smith, for his patience, efficiency and expertise in recently arranging buildings and contents insurance for me. He explained everything carefully and patiently in language I could understand, which was enormously helpful, given that it was a difficult set of arrangements involving several phone calls. I will certainly be recommending Balens as a result of the professional service that he provided.
T. Wade
Thanks a lot, good job!! I do recommend Balens Insurance to all my students too. Excellent service and thanks again for the speedy response.
Mr Chin
The online renewal process was very straightforward and I received my renewal documents within minutes You make life so easy. Thank you
V Slater
I have had professional insurance with Balens for the last 15 years and in that time there have been several instances when I've had to seek their advice. They have always been unfailingly efficient and very helpful. Recently I was required to serve on a Jury and after a swiftly answered call to Joe Balen discovered, to my surprise, my policy covered me for loss of earnings while I was on jury service. On several occasions the Ethics Committee of our professional association, CABP, has telephoned their legal helpline to clarify certain situations that have arisen and that is a very useful resource for us to have access to. I have stayed with Balens all these years because I feel they have insight into dilemmas that psychotherapists come up against in their practice. If ever a complaint is made against me, I would feel confident in their sensitivity and support.
Dianne Chipperfield
Thank you for your very quick and responsive actions in connection with my enquiries. 2.5 hour turn-around from initial enquiry to full insurance certificates has got to be a record. Well done and thank you indeed.
Thank you Beth. I've been really impressed with your excellent customer service. I'm pleased to be back with Balens!
I'd just like to say how brilliant everyone at Balens has been with my questions and updating my schedule for new techniques promptly when i get them.
C. Mcalindon
My goodness how efficient! I think you are a great company and I often recommend you.
V. Champion
Sorry to make you work so hard! Thanks for being so excellent at your job, you are truly exceptional.
G Webster
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your assistance and support over the past few years since I began practicing as a massage therapist. Your customer service, in particular the professionalism and helpful nature of all of your staff members I have spoken to over the phone has been exceptional.
Suzanne Bull
The blessings of God on you and your underwriters I am absolutely thrilled, you have made me so happy I have been singing out loud with joy. If you are ever on a holiday in Ireland, please feel free to look me up and I'll give you a session, so much of your energy was used in sorting this out. I live in a beautiful part of Ireland and you deserve a treat for all you hard work. I am glad Balen's believe in choice and my business is still with you. Thanks again Sue, you have made my day. Blessings and Gratitude
Catherine Cooney
Thanks Joy, i have downloaded the insurance easily, your help is much appreciated. I think your company is very caring!
Anne Tottingham
Your care, speed and efficiency are much appreciated.
Julian Edge
I am greatly indebted to Balen's Insurance for going beyond the norm and finding a way to serve me when I needed it the most. The type of customer service and integrity that was afforded to me by Balen's is rarely seen any more from any type of service oriented business. It seemed to me that I was treated more like a family member than a customer. My needs were met with proficiency and expediency and it is my pleasure to recommend Balen's Insurance company to you without hesitation and with my highest approval.
Adam Kleinberg D.C
I'm delighted to be associated with Balens & I thank you for your kind help today.
M. Cunningham
Dear Sue, thanks very much for this. I am always impressed with your ability to solve these problems. I was thinking of all the times you've helped me out! Excellent service as always.
F Hardiman
Thanks very much. It's perfect! I received all support that needed to do my renewal.
Prem Purnima
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful help both you and David, and all your staff, have been to me and wanted to say again that in all my 10 years as administrator I never heard one complaint from our members in respect of their dealings with Balens. I wish you all the best in the future and will continue to sign the praises of Balens.
Joyce - Kinesiology Federation
The Holistic Healers Association has been associated with Balens for many years now. Balens has been instrumental in arranged healing insurance for the Association and its members and has always been very helpful. In these days of call centres, it is a delight to be able to talk to someone and discuss what is needed and to be given advice on what a particular member may need. The Association and its members have always been very pleased with the outcome.
Kate - Holistic Healers Association
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and David for all the help and advice you have provided over the past few years. You have always been so professional and helpful and I am very thankful for all your support.
Elaine Lawrence
I first contacted Balens several years ago as I was sourcing a comprehensive good value professional indemnity insurance block for the members of AFPA (Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association) in Ireland. AFPA was the first professional acupuncture association in Ireland and I was a founding Director. Balens have been providing insurance for AFPA members and AFI senior students since the mid nineties. They have also provided for many years a comprehensive Schools Insurance for the AFI (Acupuncture Foundation Ireland) and members of the NIATCM (Northern Ireland Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine). I and my colleagues have found the service provided by the Balens team to be both professional and personable. They fashioned a common sense professional indemnity block which is good value and inclusive of practitioner needs in this current environment. When it comes to practitioner and association insurance I think first of Balens, David, Joe, Janet and the team go that extra mile for their clients and I think this would be hard to beat.
Bernadette Ward
Thanks for the excellent service over the last few years. Your staff were always professional and helpful.
Judi Coyne
We have held a customised block insurance scheme for our members through Balens for over 14 years Balens offer a personal, friendly and hassle free service and we love the fact that they are a 4th Generation ethical family run business where you will always get to speak to a Balen if required! We would highly recommend them and would not use anyone else to ensure that our members livelihoods are fully protected and are in safe hands. Well done Balens!
The Bi-Aura Energy Therapy Foundation
Members of the College of Practitionersof Phytotherapy [] have used Balen's insurance, under the company's Block Insurance Scheme, for a number of years and are more than happy to continue to do so. To date no Member has made the CPP aware of any adverse comment about Balens and indeed, are viewed favourably by our Members in view of their "care for the carers" guiding principle.
Pamela Bull
We have held a customised insurance scheme for our members through Balens for over 6 years. The scheme has been hugely successful and grown considerably over the last 6 years with many happy members. Balens have played a huge part in the success of the scheme, due to the competitive premiums offered, extremely wide cover, flexibility and help and guidance they have given us over the years. Balens personal and friendly service should be congratulated as it is so rare in this day and age. In 6 years of dealing with Balens we have had not one complaint from any member on the level of servicing offered by them and this should be commended. A great package and support network for any organisation looking to offer an insurance package to their members.
David Arnold
That's great thanks! I have been really impressed with the great service I have received, you guys have been just fantastic, I can not thank you enough. You have been so quick and efficient on the phone, email and post every time I can not fault you. Thank you so much!
Louise Minns
The Balens team have been very helpful in helping us set up an insurance scheme for our members. They provided us with all the necessary communications materials and support us with this on an ongoing basis. They have also given us their views on various insurance related matters, such as the use of disclaimers, and this personal service is much appreciated.
Claire Harrison
We approached Balen's with a request for a tailored professional insurance policy for members of our community of Interfaith Ministers. Their response and proposal certainly met our needs, and the premiums were lower than another comparable provider. This is proving to be a popular service for our ministers.
Tim Pickles
When we set up the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) in May 2001, we spent a long time researching where we could find quality insurance cover for practising homeopaths. When we contacted Balens it was obvious from the onset that this was a company who both knew and understood the needs of the complementary sector. We decided to 'give them a go', and that was the start of a creative and productive working relationship which continues to this day. The package offered by Balens is comprehensive, well thought through and represents excellent value for money.
Karin Mont
Balens have provided ARCHTI (Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland) with a Practitioner, Public Liability, Malpractice and Products Liability Insurance Cover for our Members since 2005. We can honestly say that the high quality of service, professionalism, speed of response and personal attention we receive from all members of staff at Balens is beyond compare. We have a dedicated, efficient and trustworthy member of staff, Sue, appointed to take care of our Group Scheme and she will contact any of our Members personally if required to reassure them and look after their needs and even if she is away on holiday another member of staff will be there to help. We are never left alone and waiting for assistance.
Peggy Kelly
I wanted to take this quick opportunity to thank the whole team at Balens for all they have done for AIT and ABT as companies, but perhaps more importantly to me. The trust, respect and loyalty you have always treated me with. I have dealt with Balens since 2004 and a lot has changed in the last seven years....not least the AIT and ABT brands have grown and now look after over 9,000 individual clients. Clearly, a great insurance package was required first and foremost, but the growth was significantly assisted due to the support and guidance given by David.....I still remember the first trip David and I did, lecturing to colleges back in 2005 and driving the whole length of Ireland to show our support to training and education - good times! Over the last three years, Joe and Josh have helped me in the same ethical, moralistic way the business was founded on and I am sure David must be very proud of the level of expertise and service his sons provide. Brokers will always come and go, to a degree so will insurers and I have dealt with a lot over the years and can assure you, your level of service is second to none.
Dave Horton
Dental Maintenance Plan Ltd has been associated with Balens as an Appointed Representative for a number of years. During that time, we have found the Company, headed by David Balen, to be a delight to work with. They are approachable, innovative, always ready to listen and show interest in what we say regarding the development of new products or the upgrading of existing ones. All this is based on a firm foundation of honesty and integrity which is refreshing in today's financial business world. Every member of the team is accessible, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We would especially recommend that, any professional with a connection to the healthcare field who is uncertain of how, and/or where to procure insurance cover, to make contact with Balens. We look forward to many years of successful collaboration with David, Joe, Josh and the Team.
Dr Alan Scaplehorn
I closed my clinic a couple of weeks ago so will not be renewing my weight loss business policy. Thanks for all your help in the past - we are very pleased with the home insurance policy you arranged and will keep this going, as it is very keenly priced.
J Stevens
I have now retired from psychotherapy practice so do not need this insurance any more, I have found Balens a very good comapny to deal with and am sad that there is to be a parting of the waves!
Dr Christie
The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners members have enjoyed the many benefits and peace of mind by being insured through an outstandingly professional insurance company, Balens, for many years. The range of cover offered for numerous professions is second to none, which is invaluable for our members, many of whom are qualified in other practices. The staff are knowledgeable, efficient and always friendly should you have the need to speak to them. On behalf of the Alliance I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their outstanding support and look forward to a continued association for many years to come.
Janet Taylor
Balens understanding of the profession of counselling and psychotherapy is a real bonus for practitioners. I have always found Balens to be efficient, helpful and competitively priced.
Katy Rose
Many thanks to all at Balens. It must be the fastest amendment I have ever experienced.
Angelo Di Carlo
May I again praise Balens for your excellence in customer service. We often find ourselves in need to contacting you for our peace of mind and in every single occasion everyone in your company has replied with the outmost professionalism and care.
Anna Maria Mazzieri
Since being founded in 1992, the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO) has been working with Balens. Balens has helped the SMTO to control the premiums for those members utilising the block insurance scheme, ensuring that they get the best deal for our members at renewal time each year. I also can¹t say enough about their exceptional customer service, when required they address all of our concerns and immediately take care of any problems or issues that arise, whether from the SMTO itself or its members. Over the last nearly 20 years we have developed a great partnership with Balens. The SMTO would highly recommend their services and is looking forward to continued development of this alliance in the future.
Nicola Brooks
Dear Mr Balen, Thank you so much for your amazingly speedy reply! We are thrilled by your news! Yes please do keep us posted. We have always been so pleased by the kindness, courtesy and personal attention shown by Balens. In a now rather rough and uncaring world it is a real treat and comfort to feel cared for and looked after which is what you do so well. This may be especially so for women and it is a great comfort to feel that there would indeed be someone of this calibre at your back if, heaven forbid, they were needed. We shall be delighted to be insured by you again and look forward very much to hearing from you in due course.
Jane and Amanda
WDP is a charity committed to helping all those affected by drug and alcohol use, including families and communities. We deliver services on behalf of local authorities across London and the South East and also raise funds to develop and improve the support we give, which means that we always have to be very cost conscious, so that as much money as possible is spent where it is needed, on front line services. We are celebrating our 21st anniversary this year and have grown tremendously over the last ten years. WDP has worked closely with Balens for many years, and we have always found the service to be exemplary. Not only does the team at Balens work hard to ensure that we get the best value for money, but we have always found we receive a very personal service from the team there, which means we have managed to develop very good working relationships. Balens have always worked hard to ensure they really understand our services, so that they can provide the best advice, and have always managed to adapt to our changing needs as our services grow, develop and change. Whenever we have had to make a claim, they have been extremely responsive and helpful.
R. B. Westminster Drug Project
Joy you are a delight! Thank you very much. I have given your name and details to my friend. He is a Reiki Master and studying NLP at present. He didn't know who best to go to for's YOU!
M Godfrey
Dear David, If I remember you correctly you have said that you are taking more of a back seat at Balens nowadays. However we thought you would like to know how very pleased we are with the service provided by all there. Although we tend to deal with Josh, Joe, Janet, Alison & Beverly, whoever we speak to is always very helpful. We know that our specific requirements tend to create extra work (we don't tend to fit into boxes) but we always get the help we need. Recently Josh has done a grand job re our swimming pool insurance, but like I say all at Balens do.
D Francis
After having been insured with another company over the past year, I am again thinking of coming back to Balens for my insurance, as the high customer service standards you provide are the best I have come across so far in your prompt responses and helpful manner.
We have been dealing with Balens for many years and they have always been very helpful and efficient. Their service is excellent.
Mel Cash
I have received clear and accurate advice from your legal team quickly when I needed it. really helped me.
We met Joe Balen at the 2011 Yoga Show, and within two weeks, we co-created a new insurance package for our professional members that far surpassed what we were previously able to offer our members. It has been a real joy to work with Joe and the Balens Team. Their personal service and customer care are greatly appreciated!
Ned Hartfiel
The Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists has been taking out professional insurance for its members as well as organisational insurance for itself through Balens for many years. We have never had cause to regret this, and feel very well looked after by Balens. Our members appreciate the good value and the flexibility of the scheme especially altering the range of therapies any one practitioner offers is remarkably easy. We can recommend the company to any organisation within the complementary health and psychological therapies field.
Kathrin Stauffer